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5 Things to Love about Valentines Day

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In the past I’ve written posts that could be interpreted as hating on Cupid’s big day. A lot of those sentiments still apply, as Valentines Day still isn’t on my top five list of favorite holidays, but I no longer harbor any negative feelings about it. Honestly my overall feelings about the holiday were never truly negative. I just didn’t like the fact that this holiday makes so many people feel bad.  I also don’t like red and pink in combination.  That sentiment still stands. But as for the holiday as a whole I suppose that in my older age I’m more or less ambivalent.

So in the spirit of ambivalence I decided that to balance out any negative sentiments that could have been gleaned from past posts I’d write a totally positive Valentines Day post this year.

So I present to you 5 things to love about Valentines Day


We’re in a recession and during a recession retailers try to find every gimmick they can come up with to get shoppers into their stores. Valentines day provides a perfect opportunity to draw both single people and people in relationships in to buy. Those in relationships are of course looking for gifts or possibly outfits for those Valentines dates.  Valentines day also comes with a bevy of single women who need retail therapy to help them cope with their lack of romance on this most romantic holiday. I’ve gotten a number of emails trying to lure me into the stores to get a little something special for the one I love the most…namely me (gotta love yourself before you can love anyone else right?).  Thus far I’ve resisted because I’m trying to be fiscally responsible but I’ve definitely been tempted.

Half price chocolates on the 15th

Who doesn’t love that? Also I read that chocolate creates a similar reaction in the brain to being in love. So even if  you aren’t in love you can get that loving feeling for half price on the 15th.

Text messages from people you rarely hear from

I’ve already gotten a few of them today. So what if some of them were mass texts…at least someone thought enough of me to leave me in their contacts list and make sure I wasn’t Happy Valentine’s Day textless today.

Cupid Gets His Day in the Limelight

Every holiday icon needs their day to shine. Santa gets the biggest holiday of the year, the Easter bunny gets his day…why shouldn’t cupid get a day to do his thing. Let that dude get a day to rock his diaper and sash and get in some target practice with the bow and arrow. And if you listen to 112 you know Cupid doesn’t lie so let’s listen to him for one day.

It’s a great excuse for people who aren’t that sappy (like me) to get their sap on

Even non saps like myself need an occasional outlet to do something on the mushy side. Sometimes it takes massive commercial exploitation to get it out of us.

Okay that’s all I’ve got for now…I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentines Day…or at the very least makes it through the day without wanting to hit a double back tuck off a ledge.


If anyone reading this is looking for a hint on what to get me or whether to get me anything…I like candy, cupcakes, not having to cook for myself, and hugs (from the right person…please no unsolicited random stranger hugs….I generally prefer not to be hugged or otherwise touched very much by strangers)….I’m so easy to please! (Hey I never said I was against receiving (or giving) gifts)

Happy Valentines Day All!


Seven reason’s Valentine’s Day makes my toenails itch

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I’m sitting in my condo for the second time in a row with my weekend plans foiled by the snow. This time it wasn’t the DC snow that foiled my plans though. It was snow in of all places HOTlanta! Were it not for Atlanta’s inability to deal efficiently with two inches of snow. I’d be in route to the big easy and the port city* for some pre-Mardi Gras/post Saint’s Super Bowl win partying followed by recovering over beignets at Cafe Du Monde tomorrow morning. So needless to say I’m not a happy camper this afternoon. Just thought I’d put that out there before I start my post so no one is confused about why I’m not writing like my normal cheery self.

Anyway my original plan was to pretend that the day they call a holiday that happens to fall tomorrow doesn’t exist while enjoying Mardi Gras madness. (what better way is there to be oblivious to the existence of something than over a hurricane or three?)  But since I’m a tad surly today and this year unlike last year I won’t be whizzing down a ski slope in Colorado, I’ll go ahead and write about the  reasons Valentine’s Day makes my toenails itch.  Just to be clear, this doesn’t come from a place of bitterness about being single.  I actually wrote about my feelings on Valentines day years ago on my blog before I had a blog…also known as my now essentially defunct Myspace page. Of course I was single at that time too, but I don’t really like Valentine’s day even when I’m in a relationship and here are a few reasons why.

The vomit pink and red color scheme makes me nauseous seriously…it’s really hard for me to look at the card aisle this time of year

Valentine’s day can put a lot of pressure on the not quite defined barely a step above a regular booty call relationships I’ve tended to be in around this time of year if I’m in any kind of relationship at all.

Nothing more awkward than trying to navigate the vast grey area between the happy valentines day phone call/e-card/text message stage and the romantic get-away to Costa Rica stage. (*sidenote* the couple behind me in line at the airport as my Mardi Gras plans were being systematically destroyed had just had their Valentine’s vacation to Costa Rica that they had been planning for a year cancelled. God always has a way of  putting things in perspective for me when I need it *end sidenote*)

The bevy of whack find a mate singles events this holiday usually spawns.

Okay maybe I shouldn’t hate on these too much. I’m all for any efforts to bring folks together in this crazy world. I’d try to catch one myself if I didn’t think it would be filled with guys with that “look at me I’m a loser and you must be one too cuz you’re here so I’ve definitely got a shot” look in their eyes.

Those mystery boxes of chocolate with no labels

Valentine’s day is always plagued with an abundance of random chocolates that often give no warning about the kind of miscellaneous goo hiding under that tempting chocolate shell. Until I wrote that sentence I never realized how similar those mystery chocolates are to men.



The pressure V-Day puts on clearly defined relationships.

The pressure is often even higher for people in well defined relationships to do something special for their mate on Valentine’s day. Usually the brunt of this pressure is carried by the men but, thoughtful female that I sometimes try to be, I’ve on a few occasions put in effort on this holiday. I think I did this in some kind of masochistic quest to show that women can make men feel special on this day too. If I recall correctly my Valentine’s Day efforts somehow bit me in the rear, possibly thwarting  future attempts of this kind.

You can’t get a reservation in a decent restaurant because the love birds have taken them all

and even if you could who wants to have to sit through dinner watching love birds be lovey dovey  all night

Dealing with the aftermath  when cupid misfires

From what I’ve seen Cupid must have gotten his target practice while riding in a car full of gang bangers doing a drive by. And occasionally Cupids errant shots result in gifts from suitors that you’re not feeling in the same way they’re feeling you. On three occasions I have received flowers from guys I wasn’t feeling.  I wasn’t unappreciative of the  gifts I got from these guys. I actually enjoyed the flowers (even though I’m not much of a flowers kind of girl) once I got past the thank you very much for the gift but we can never be talk. But I could have just as easily done without the flowers to avoid the awkwardness.

Now I said Valentine’s day makes my toenails itch. I didn’t say I totally hate it. I just don’t think it’s been all that cool of a holiday since the days of  exchanging valentines with a sucker stuck to them in elementary school. Despite the itchy toenails I actually do think it’s probably a good idea to have a day on the calendar to remind people not to take the people they love for granted.  I just wish this day wasn’t coated in so much syrup or wrapped in that awful pink and red package. Id probably be cool with having some kind of anti-sap celebration with my SO if I had one.  And who knows maybe when I’m truly in love it’ll come with a dose of whatever it takes to be able to stomach all the syrup. In the mean time I guess I’m stuck with waiting for the pink and red storm to pass.

*the Port City is Mobile AL, home of the first American Mardi Gras and also the town I was raised in.

Blizzard brain block

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I’m sitting in the house snowed in for the 5th day in a row so you’d think I’d be pumping out blog posts like nobody’s business. But the snow has turned me into the worst kind of slacker. I’m getting waaay too used to sitting around getting paid to do absolutely nothing …My expectations for how much I feel like should be expected to do for each dollar per hour I make is starting to go down at about the same rate that the number of inches of snow outside is increasing. As a matter of fact a couple more days of this and there’s a good chance* I’ll have the following conversation with my supervisor the next time I’m in the office:

Supervisor: Any chance you’ll get this project finished by the end of the week?

Me (while blowing my freshly polished fingernails dry): Excuse me but I looked at my last pay statement and I was still getting paid at the sit on my butt and do nothing rate. I’ll need to see at least 30% increase if you expect me to actually complete assignments

 Aside from the snowed in slackerism, I can’t really decide what I want to talk about. I’ve read about a lot of useless tomfoolery while I’ve been held hostage by the Snowtorious B.I.G., but I can’t seem to piece together a whole cohesive piece. 

Blog posts Ive considered writing today include the following:

When a rapping roach goes to jail: My deep thoughts and reflections

Things I’ve learned from reading Sarah Palins hand

John Mayers racist penis and you

10 reasons Valentine’s Day makes my toenails itch

But all I’ve actually managed to accomplish today is beating my high score on Bejeweled and making a bomb Welch’s grape juice snow cone.

Perhaps if I someone chooses one of the potential topics I’ll feel compelled to write a post, if not I’ll go back to browsing through Twitter posts and maybe give myself a much needed pedicure. I actually might write the Valentines day post if I can convince myself there’s a good reason not to pretend it doesn’t exist entirely.

*By good chance I mean not a chance in Hades…I still enjoy receiving my paycheck on schedule every two weeks