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When blogger hacks have too much power and what we can all learn from the Sherrod case

Posted in politics, television with tags , , , , , , on July 21, 2010 by klysha

I was going to blog about something entirely different to end to my 3 month blogging hiatus but I just have to say something about the story I saw unfold on CNN and the web last night.

Shirley Sherrod

In some ways its absolutely awesome that the blogosphere has given any average joe a voice to share their opinions with the world. Unfortunately a lot of average joes really don’t deserve to have working vocal chords or the kind of power a keyboard can give you in our microwave society. This unfortunate reality is evidenced by the whole fiasco I just learned about involving a woman named Shirley Sherrod. Apparently some idiot blogger hack with a clear agenda named Andrew Breitbart posted a video on his blog of a speech Ms. Sherrod was giving at an NAACP function. However he apparently only posted about a minute and a half clip of the video that when taken out of context appeared to be racially incendiary. Faux News also apparently broadcast his partial video and went on to sully this woman’s reputation. Then the NAACP after being shown this edited clip quickly moved to renounce Ms. Sherrod and her employer, the Department of Agriculture, quickly forced her to resign from her job. Well it turns out that when you watch the whole 42 plus minute long video you see that her story was actually one of redemption and overcoming racism despite having lost her own father at the hands of racists. The irony that a woman who spent her life fighting to overcome injustice lost her job because some hack with an agenda tried to use her to prove an erroneous point is just evidence for how screwed up our country is  when it comes to the race issue. It’s also evidence showing why it’s just stupid to pass judgment on someone based on quotes, short video clips, and internet snippets.  The saddest part of this is, instead of issuing a quick apology for the hand they played in costing this woman her job, Faux news has tried to flip the storyAn idiot with an agenda into blaming the Obama administration and the NAACP for their character assassination. They have taken little to no responsibility for the hand they played in fueling the fire by reporting this story without checking the facts. And the second saddest part is that instead of apologizing, that Breitbart idiot came out to say his use of the video wasn’t about Ms. Sherrod, but about how the people in the audience reacted to what appeared to be a story about discriminating against a white man.  He isn’t taking into consideration that the audience saw the whole speech and was reacting to her story IN CONTEXT.  Is there no limit to the lengths conservatives will go to to alter the narrative the fit their agenda? Wait a minute I take that back…both Fox News and Breitbart have an agenda…while it’s sad, this kind of thing is expected out of them. The saddest part is the willingness on the part of both the NAACP and her employer, the federal government, to believe a story as told by people with a negative agenda. See this link to see Breitbarts own words and his clear statement of his agenda.

At any rate, I firmly believe that there is always a lesson to be learned when things like this happen.

Lesson 1 There’s no way to get to know a person’s character based on any one thing they said. No matter what the circumstances are, is there is almost always a bigger picture and an untold narrative behind anything someone allows to come out of their mouth. In this case the bigger narrative was readily available in the rest of the 42 minute speech that was misused, but sometimes the story isn’t so obvious and we should all consider this before rushing to judgment.

Lesson 2 Being reactionary isn’t the most effective way to bring about change. In this case the NAACP quicky responded to the video and almost immediately renounced Ms. Sherrod without even reviewing a tape that was shown at one of their OWN events. They did this because this tape was leaked in the wake of their call for the Tea Party to renounce racism in it’s ranks. They were so quick to try to show the Tea Party, “see we don’t condone racism”, that they didn’t even bother to get the whole story. NAACP you’ve got to be smarter that this when dealing with conservatives. They are skilled at altering the narrative to fit their agenda. (I’m very tempted to write a post later this week outlining what I think the NAACP needs to do if they want to remain viable as an organization. Let us not forget the recent Hallmark Card incident.)

Lesson 3 There are people…ahem…conservatives…who are willing to twist the story any way they can to try to prove a point. Therefore we must ALWAYS consider the source before running with a piece of information.

Lesson 4 Anyone who considers the Fox News Network to be a legitimate source of news is either racist or stupid. Okay maybe that’s not a lesson, but I am starting to firmly believe it’s true. Anyone who can sit and stomach much less agree with more than 60% of the biased, inflamatory, and often downright inacurate reporting that goes on on that network is probably either harboring  some deep seeded racist views or is an idiot.

This link shows the whole video

Click here to see CNN’s coverage of this issue.


Just when I thought I had seen the bottom of the barrel VH1 showed me that the barrel can go so much lower

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Every time I turn on my television I get more embarrassed for the entire human race. What must the aliens think of us??? I just had the misfortune of sitting through an episode of Real Chance of Love and I don’t have anyone to blame for sacrificing those minutes of my life that I can never get back but myself. I know it’s a sorry excuse but I was so busy on the net that I didn’t feel like pausing to look for batteries to put in my remote so I could change the channel or turn off the TV.

After sitting through it I’m just in disbelief that they actually off spun  a show with women competing for two rejects from a show  where men

lord help us all if this is what a catch looks like

lord help us all if this is what a catch looks like

 competed for a woman who was rejected from a show where women competed for a man who was a hype man for an early 90s rap duo/talking troll. Not to mention that this show was spun off from a spin off from a show about celebrity has beens. If this isn’t the bottom of the barrel, the bottom can’t be much further down.

The saddest part of the show wasn’t the women prancing around in next to nothing to get the attention of two guys who together share half a brain cell. Those girls will probably get lucrative porn careers out of the deal. The sad part was the girls who actually came on this show trying to show how much classier they were than the women throwing themselves at Real and Chance like being the classiest reality show strumpet is an enviable position.  

I’m not sure whether I’m more embarrased that these women signed up to publicly set women back 35 years, that VH1 gave them a venue to do this, or that I actually sat through an episode. I’m pretty sure it’s the third thing that embarrasses me the most. So I will try to right the universe and turn that experience into something for the good of society.

This show is an example of why we need more volunteers to mentor the youth. Growing up, these women obviously only had video girls as role models. We have to do our part to make sure that future generations don’t find themselves on a reality show modeling lingerie to a pair of half-wits only to be immediately rejected. We also need to pressure our community leaders to monitor the levels of lead in our drinking water because the levels were obviously highly elevated in the communities of every member of this programs cast resulting in the rampant brain cell disfunction on display throughout the show. Complacency has real consequences people!

I’m just trying to figure out which cause to start addressing first.

If 8 kids can’t hold a marriage together what can?

Posted in Relationships, television with tags , , , , , on May 28, 2009 by klysha

Last night I watched the season premier episode of my favorite reality television show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, and I jonkateactually shed a tear. I didn’t realize how attached I had become to that family until I saw them on what appeared to be the verge of their demise. I used to marvel at how Jon and Kate appeared to be this united front, beating the odds and raising 8 happy kids together. They had become my symbol of hope that the family can survive even in these crazy times. For those who don’t know, Jon and Kate Plus 8 is one of several reality shows on TLC showcasing the miracle of raising an enormous brood of offspring without killing anybody.  The couple got pregnant with sextuplets after already having twins, giving them a total of 8 kids.

In seasons past, the Gosselins appear to be just as much superparents as they were flawed and real individuals. They had all the normal challenges of parenthood multiplied by eight yet they seemed to always work it out. Despite all the stresses of raising 8 kids Kate managed to find the time to make them heart shaped pancakes from scratch on valentines day. I can barely find the energy to toss a pop tart in the toaster some days and I don’t even have any kids. 

Yeah Kate came across as a little bossy at times, but she had to run a tight ship just to keep her sanity with so many PFO4791kids to take care of. Jon had a slightly more laisez faire approach to parenting. But this seemed to bring some balance to the household. I watched them renew their vows in Hawaii just a month ago and all was good with the world. But thanks to the magic of television last night I saw the once happy couple sitting 12 feet apart on a 2 foot couch* barely acknowledging each others existence. How could what seemed to be such perfect family be falling apart literally right before my eyes???

Okay I have to admit there were some signs. Last season I saw the annoyed glances from Jon that made it clear that Kate bossing him around was getting kind of old. And raising 8 kids has to take it’s toll on any human being. But I never expected to see him on the cover of a tabloid doing who knows what with who knows who. Now the rumors are flying. Kate’s crying on national television. And my favorite reality television family could be coming apart at the seams.

And its stressing me out!  After watching the show I actually had a dream that I set out to help them save their marriage. Unfortunately I woke up before I ever managed to do that. I barely ever watch television with the exception of this show and Jon Stewart, but I might have to take a break from watching them because I have apparently internalized their pain. This is why I don’t watch television. Either it sucks royally or it stresses me out.

Maybe the blogosphere is right about their allegations that this whole drama is just a ploy to rake in higher ratings. Higher ratings = more episodes = more money. And $75,000 an episode is nothing to sneeze at. They could certainly use the money to help fund 8 college educations. So I would totally understand if that was the case. But something tells me the tension I saw on that couch was real. Hopefully for the sake of their kids and the sanctity of my sleep they’ll go to marriage counseling and work it out.

* Thanks to my friend Cam for pointing this out.