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Is Winning 100-0 Unsportsmanlike?

Posted in Sports, Uncategorized with tags , on January 27, 2009 by klysha

I read an interesting article about a girls basketball team that beat their opponent 100-0.  After the game they decided to forfeit their win. On the one hand they are saying there is no honor in such a lopsided victory. But on the other hand it’s not their fault they were so unfairly matched.  I’m trying to figure out what message they’re trying to send the kids. Are they saying it’s okay to win but not by too much? Or maybe they’re saying it’s okay to win but don’t show off when you do. And what about teaching the other team to lose with dignity. (According to the article they did, so what’s the problem.) It was an interesting conundrum for the winning team so I thought I’d post about it.