Erykah Badu gets naked in her Window Seat

The web was abuzz all week about my favorite artist’s new Window Seat video in all its butt nekid glory. Reactions ranged from critiques of her choice to use nudity to prove a point,  to marveling over the deepness of her social commentary juxtaposed against the ampleness of her behind.

The legality of shedding your clothes in the streets of Texas aside, I for one don’t understand why someone shedding their clothes publicly is such a big deal. Every one of us does this pretty much every day in our bathrooms (hopefully), and in some countries bathing is done publicly. We’re all born naked for crying out loud. But in a country where the fallout from Janet Jackson’s Nipplegate continues to plague Superbowl half time shows six years later, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  Americans are such prudes.

Ms. Badu’s public striptease looked so liberating that I might actually be a little jealous of her because she managed to get away with public nudity and managed to find a way to get naked in a video without coming across like a ho.  I’d strip naked  and run through the streets right now if it weren’t for a) my fear of mortifying my ultra prudish mom, b) my fear of going to jail and losing my good job c) my fear of the crazy dude who might misinterpret my nakedness as an invitation to snatch me up and take me to a dank basement to perform unmentionable acts on my vulnerable naked self.

While the video did feature a thought provoking social commentary on group think, the controversial striptease was clearly a ploy to sell records and I’m not mad at her at all for doing it. That’s her livelihood and as long as she’s making dope music while pulling off stunts like that I will forever be a fan.

I hope Erykah accomplishes her primary goal of selling as many CDs as possible but I’d also like to applaud her for accomplishing the following things:

1) introducing at least a few black folks to the term group think…anything that contributes to the expansion of the vocabularies of my people is a win in my book.

2) providing a diversion in my Twitter time line from the tweets about the antics of Kat Stacks

3) getting us skinny girls a few extra looks by displaying what a skinny chicks body might look like after three babies*

*Okay I’m really hoping her video accomplishes this

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