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Healthcare reform and why I hate politics

Posted in politics with tags , on March 21, 2010 by klysha

I’m not sure whether I’ve ever mentioned this before, but I hate politics. I hate it in just about every arena it manifests itself in to include office politics and even the politics of picking the next book to read in my book club.  Heck even the politics of deciding who to vote off of America’s Next Top Model (does that still come on) irks me and I don’t even watch the show.  But I especially hate national politics.  I could write an entire blog post just about all the things there are to hate about politics. Maybe I’ll do that one day. But all my petty reasons for hating politics aside the one that makes politics suck the most is the fact that the national political structure is one of the most cumbersome and ineffectual vehicles imaginable when it comes to getting things done that effect people’s lives.

The current debacle over healthcare reform is a prime example of all there is to hate about politics. My disgust with watching the political process play itself out is so strong that I’ve almost checked out of the dialogue entirely. But due to my commitment to being a beacon of light in the bacteria infested murky pool  of life I will attempt to express my feelings on the subject entertwined with the reasons for my disdain with the politics of it all one time before this bill (hopefully) goes to a vote.

I think most people agree that something needs to be done about the current state of healthcare in this country. This of course excludes any people who have funded their beach house in Maui and or multiple plastic surgeries through the fleecing of those in need of medical care. It may also include people who have good healthcare coverage and don’t give a rat’s hindparts about whether anyone they don’t know has to foreclose on their house because they got sick and had no coverage. But those people aside the rest of us recognize that there is a need to make some changes to the current system. Unfortunately the only way to make the kind of sweeping changes that are needed is through across the board reforms of the system and the only way to make a whole system change is through legislation and therefore politics.

There’s no better way to muck up a good and much needed change than to let politcs get involved in the process. Politics is messy, slow, and worst of all emotionally charged.  In it’s attempt to please the majority it usually winds up pleasing no one, and I think that’s precisely what’s happening with healthcare reform.  As much as I want to see the healthcare system improved who knows whether the current bill, if it ever gets passed, can do what is needed. It’s been adjusted and watered down so much in trying to please so many people that it likely barely manages to do anything in terms of making things better.

Most of the people who are the most up in arms on either side of the healthcare debate won’t even be effected that strongly one way or the other regardless of which way it goes which is why it’s baffling my mind how controversial and emotional this debate has become. It’s hard for me to muster up comparable levels of emotion on the subject since I’m blessed enough to have good healthcare coverage and I’ve also been blessed enough thus far not to ever suffer a major illness. Despite my fortune I do care about the people who don’t have coverage or who had coverage but were screwed over by an insurance company when they got sick. Therefore I’d like to see a bill get passed, even if it’s imperfect because it would at least give a starting point from which improvements can be made once we get a chance to feel this whole thing out. A failure to get anything passed could be a failure to ever have a vehicle to improve the system.  I will say that while I don’t know or understand all the nuts and bolts of the current bill (and lord knows I don’t even want to) I do know that even though I think it may be trying to do too much it doesn’t even touch some of the other parts of the healthcare system that need revision.

I blame politics for watering down and convoluting what the healthcare bill could have been.  And I blame politics for the fact that there are people who want to fight getting something in place just because they’d rather see the person in charge fail over seeing something get put into place that might eventually serve as a tool to help some people.

At any rate if I keep talking about this my ambivalence  on the subject will start to show and I’ll likely reveal  the real reason I’d like to see something get passed which happens to be the fact that I’m sick of hearing about this healthcare1 bill.   Whoops I said it. Oh well, now that it’s out there let’s get this vote over with so CNN can focus on more pressing matters like the content of Tiger Woods’ freaky sext message conversations with his stripper friends2.

1 Throughout this process I haven’t really heard anything about reforming “healthcare.”  Real reform of healthcare would include revising the way that medicine is more focused on over prescribing and unnecessary surgery than it is on prevention and healthy living, but that’s a WHOLE other debate. People would REALLY be pissed off if someone started trying to take away some of their scrips and telling them to give up their bacon, cigarettes and sugar. Shoot I might start a protest if someone told me to give up sugar.

2 I’m kidding…sort of