All this oversensitivity has got to stop

You’d think that now that Black is the new black, Black people would have gotten over all this sensitivity to black stereotypes. But alas even with a Black president, a Black Miss America, and the fact that Black people continue to set the standard of cool in the United States and therefore the world, political correctness and oversensitivity  to stereotypes continues to rear it’s ugly head. 

In honor of black history month the cafeteria at the NBC offices offered the special menu pictured below.

Aquafina?? What's Black about that???

Apperently people got offended at the stereotype being perpetuated by serving fried chicken in honor of Black history month, forcing the cafeteria to change the menu. To those people I say…seriously?? My only minor issue with this menu…other than the absence of sweet tea as a beverage choice…is that fried chicken is no more a black dish than green bean casserole is a white dish (okay maybe green bean casserole is white but my family insists on having it at Thanksgiving anyway). Most black people I know can’t even make good fried chicken. Of course most Black people I know are too bougie to prepare fried food in their house for fear they’ll never get the smell out of their precious fabrics, but that’s a side issue.  Fried chicken just happens to go well with collard greens, so does fried catfish. Maybe they would have gotten less flack if they would have tried to serve catfish. 

Anyway my point is, this is a stupid thing to get offended over. Had they have served chitterlings then maybe they’d have a real reason to get offended. You don’t see Asian people getting offended if they include rice on the menu for Asian Heritage appreciation month. They actually might get offended if you left the rice off.

I think this offense stems from  from a notion that anything widely associated with Black people is something to be ashamed of. Let’s just pretend for a moment that fried chicken actually was a “black” dish. Why should enjoying a dish that was prepared and perfected by your ancestors be a source of shame?? Hello, fried chicken is delicious! America loves fried chicken. It’s just wrong that if you’re Black and you happen to like a dish that’s as widely embraced as fried chicken that people try to make you feel like you’re setting your people back 100 years. So what if soul food is a throw back to slavery. If anybody should find any shame in that chapter in American history it’s white people. Isn’t  the public exploitation of white guilt supposed to be one of the perks of black history month??? (j/k…sort of)  If we were making real progress it would be okay to enjoy whatever the heck you like regardless of whether it feeds into a stereotype.

I’m so tired of Black people feeling the need to go out of their way to prove to white people that the stupid stereotypes aren’t true. Why do we still even care what they think of us? Do all Black people like soul food? Of course not. Do a lot of Black people like it? Absolutely! And I unashamedly am one of them. I have a pot of collard greens in the fridge right now  that I’m looking forward to eating later on.  I’d have fried chicken too if I knew how to consistently make it without it either coming out burnt or raw (and if I knew an easy way to get that fried grease smell out of the carpet*).

The woman who put together the menu at NBC defended her food choices saying she just wanted to prepare a menu that people would enjoy. I’m totally on the chef’s side in this. She prepared a menu that in her eyes gave honor to some of her ancestors, who happened to make food that was freaking delicious, and the blasted PC mongering TV types at NBC couldn’t even appreciate her efforts. This nonsense must stop!

*Oh snap! I just remembered that’s what Febreeze is for! I might try to get my fried chicken game up if I get snowed again in two days.

One Response to “All this oversensitivity has got to stop”

  1. What? No Watermelon?! 🙂
    What’s hilarious about this is one of my young frat brother’s, who is still in undergrad, posted a picture of an almost exact menu on Facebook that the cafeteria at UNCW prepared in honor of black hx month. The comment thread was a mile long and everyone was pissed… my response, so what, can we get mad about things that really matter for a change? Fried chicken is delicious.

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