Unforgetable Christmas gifts and other folly from a snowed in southern girl

Nothing like a foot and a half of snow and counting to both put me in the Christmas spirit  and leave me in the house bored long enough to write a post about it. The sad thing about Christmas these days is the first thing that usually comes to peoples minds when they hear the word Christmas is shopping (or maybe that’s me…as a self-proclaimed  shopaholic the first thing that comes to my mind when you say just about anything is shopping…but I digress). Regardless of what your religious beliefs happen to be Christmas should still be more about giving love and cherishing the people who mean the most to you. My family has decided to forego off the gift exchanging this year and replaced it with spending quality time together at a cabin in the mountains. I for one can’t wait. I can barely remember the Christmas gifts*  I’ve gotten for the past several years but I’ll never forget the fun times I’ve had with my folks. 

Anyway now that I’ve gotten all that falala***  out of the way I’ll get to the point of this post. Today I thought I’d share some gift ideas for those of you who have not foregone the gift exchange, that you can give if you don’t want your gift to be forgotten! I scoured the web and some of my Twitter followers Twitpics to find these so you don’t have to.  

Shave your own baby doll


1. The Shave Your Own Baby Doll! I’m really not sure what the point of this is but I guarantee this gift would not be forgotten. I’m just really hoping that the hair on this gift is replacable or the fun will be over pretty quickly. Then again maybe the fun should be short lived with this gift…

Cuddling Arm Pillow


2. No one ever had an answer when the Emotions asked “What do the lonely do at Christmas?” Well here’s the answer! A cuddling arm pillow**. Trust me I have lots of experience with this scenario…and that happens to be one of my favorite Christmas songs.

Nothing says class like words on your %$$


3. Okay so maybe you know the relationship is going south. Nothing will say forget me not louder than a pair of undies from Say it With Thongs with exactly what you think about your mate printed right above their unmentionables.  In case you can’t see the words, this particular pair reads “Gold Digger.” Hey I never said all these gifts would get you remembered as a romeo.

* Perhaps the reason I barely remember these gifts is I’ve barely gotten any in years…. Santa…seriously we need to talk…I’ve been really really good

** Don’t sleep. I’m seriously considering ordering one of these for myself since I’m likely the only one who’ll be purchasing gifts for me LOL.

***Seriously I’m just joking about any implied saltiness about my lack of gifts..I appreciate all the gifts and love I’ve received over the years…and all I really want for Christmas is to spend time with my family and for everyone to be safe and happy this year

And in other snowed in news…why did I read on Twitter that a DC cop pulled a gun at a snowball fight….huh?

for real dude a gun to a snowball fight?

And if you drive a Mini Cooper and decide to venture out in the worst snow snorm in DC in almost a decade…I won’t say you deserve to get stranded…..but…..

mistaking a Mini Cooper for a Hummer = fail

Anyway if you haven’t guessed from the contents of this post…yes I’m bored.  I promise I’ll bring something thoughtful and inciteful next time….in the meantime I’m bout to go shuck some corn**** then make some hot cocoa.

****yes I’m bout to actually shuck corn

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