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No I haven’t gotten my H1N1 shot and I don’t plan to

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I think I already talked about this back when it was still mostly known as the swine flu….but now it’s back in full effect with a new name and a new attitude and this time


Romance in the H1N1 Era

big pharma with the help of the media are ready. The media got people shook…Folks are knocking down old people and kicking babies just to get a hit of that H1N1 vaccine. It’s like crack 2K9. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little but they were giving out doses at my job and my coworkers couldn’t wait to get stuck.

Not I, for the following reasons:

1. I don’t like needles (my dislike for needles is so strong that I could really stop here…but for completeness’ sake  and the fact that I wouldn’t take the thing even if it came in a grape pixie stick I’ll continue)

2. I don’t trust pharmaceutical companies. Anytime improving the bottom line and keeping me healthy are in direct conflict with each other I start watching my back. I’ve seen enough conspiracy theory movies, and Michael Moore documentaries (wait is that the same thing?) to know that companies do not choose people over profits. 

3. Didn’t they come up with the thing in just a few months? I’m sure more time was spent trying to find an effective solution for dandruff. Do they know what the side effects are yet? We know how perfect big pharma’s record is for coming out with safe and well tested drugs.

4. I’ve never been sold on the idea that shooting a virus into your body is the best way to avoid getting it. Call me crazy for not wanting to stay healthy by playing tricks on my body.

5. Some of the stuff they put in the vaccine aren’t safe outside the vaccine…so explain to me how the vaccine is safe again…vaccines contain mercury? But didn’t yall tell us not to play with the inside of the thermometer???

The video below is supposed to be humorous….but like most comedy the best kind has some truth in it.

The media, as they are prone to do, is creating a panic situation and it’s causing people to put logic aside and act on emotion. Isn’t that how we wound up in Iraq?

Incidentally, I just learned from CNN that my stance against vaccines makes me an “anti-vaxer”. Who knew I was a part of a movement! LOL. But honestly I’m not so much anti-vaccine  as I am anti-big pharma. Vaccines are probably one of the greatest developments in modern medicine. And to be fair big pharma is probably one of life’s many mixed blessings/necessary evils. I could write a whole blog about how I feel about that. I probably will one day.

I never get the regular flu vaccine anyway. So there really wasn’t much chance I was going to line up to get this new flu shot they just made up the other day no matter how sexy they make it sound.  But I got asked by 4 coworkers whether I was going to get my shot and got questioned about why I wasn’t 3/4 of those times.  I should have asked those same people why they were so quick to trust someone to shoot something into their body without really having a clue what they were getting. But it was too late for them to go untake their shot so getting into that discussion would have been pointless.

Am I scared I’m gonna get the flu? Not really. I’ve had the flu before and  it sucked…..but my body did what it was supposed to do and fought off the virus and I got better…..If I got a flu shot I might not get the flu (no guarantees) but I might wind up with some unexplained neurological condition due to mercury poisoning. If I’m gonna take chances on ingesting mercury I’ll take them from eating one of my favorite foods, salmon.

Anyway I appreciate the employee health center for being expeditious about trying to protect the employees, but I must kindly say “No thank you very much” to your H1N1 shot.

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