Parents be warned…Your president wants your kids to succeed

Have you heard that Obama has the audacity to want to encourage kids to to take responsibility for their education, ObamaBarackpay attention in class, and God forbid… follow their dreams! He’s got a lot of nerve and some concerned parents aren’t going to take this lying down. No way they’ll be letting their kids get exposed to that garbage!  If their kids get wind of his socialist “education is important” propaganda their kids might actually get motivated or learn something or  maybe even become  critical thinkers and then their chances of becoming paranoid right wing nuts would be severely reduced. That would be a real travesty!

I mean get a load of this speech! If even a few kids take this message to heart all heck just might break loose. Who wants a bunch of kids running around feeling personal responsibility? That’s not even the American way!

Concerned parents take heed…your president wants your kids to try hard and do their part to help solve the nations ills one day. Attitudes like that could shake the very foundations this nation was built on so do your part to protect them because your inaction on this could have real consequences.

Be warned ...these could be your kids!

Be warned ...these could be your kids!


2 Responses to “Parents be warned…Your president wants your kids to succeed”

  1. LOL this entry cracked me up. Especially in this city, I’m not sure why this is as big of news as its become. Anyway I dig the blog, too bad you don’t leave an email address smh

    • The fact that this even became an issue just baffled me. At a school a friend of mine teaches at in Alabama kids had to have permission slips to see the presidents speech…really???? This girl tried to debate with me about this on a friends facebook page. She insisted that she wasn’t going to let her kids watch the speech. Her best retort was “Take the president out and put Jesus in” at that point I realized it wasn’t a fair debate.

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