The coverage about Sotomayors statement just rubs me the wrong way

Every time I watch television news I get more reasons to hate everything about politics. I can’t for the life of me nbc_sotomayor_anncmt2_090526_300wunderstand why they are making such a big deal out of the statements made by Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor  in some of her past speeches. I even saw an article that said they are actually asking her to apologize for her statements about a wise Latina woman making better decisions than a white man. Why should she have to apologize for that???? Maybe a wise Latina woman would have a different perspective on certain issues than a white male that could lead her to make better decisions. Sometimes she might make better decisions sometimes she might not . Who cares? You can’t prove a statement like that anyway. I don’t care if she said it 20 times and meant it every time. A statement like that doesn’t make her racist. Prosecuting someone just because they’re white would be racist (and I’m using the definition of racist loosely here since it’s questionable whether a minority can even be racist). People of all races over use the term racist anyway. The same word can’t be used to describe people who hung people from trees just because they were black as the one used to describe someone who just spoke their mind. If “she’s a racist” is best they can come up with as an argument for why she shouldn’t be appointed because she made that statement, they really need to get grip on life.

Maybe all this forced political correctness is just rubbing me the wrong way. What’s the point of free speech when every statement you make will be disected and held against you even when no one gets hurt by your words. My theory is the reason they’re making such a big deal out of is is the fact that a white man couldn’t make a similar statement about another race and keep his job. If my theory is correct I say tough cookies. That’s one of the residual effects of this countries racist past. Black people have had to live with far worse residual effects of slavery since the day slavery ended. So white men can’t openly express their thoughts about people of other races. Someone cue the violins.  When the residual effects of slavery were being passed out, white men got off pretty easy.  Count your blessings and be glad karma hasn’t swung around and made you pay for your ancestors actions.

 There’s a chance that it’s not just politics that’s the problem here. I would imagine that television news is at least partly to blame for my disgust about this topic. They always pick the most divisive issue and create a whole sense of drama around it. I hope that the people who are actually making decisions about this nomination (or any other important issue) aren’t as shallow as the news channels. Maybe I’m just overdue for my periodic break from all 24 hour news.

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