Ghetto culture touches the world

Makes music that's more popular than the Beetles?????

Makes music that's more popular than the Beetles?????

I was talking to my brother today and he quoted a statistic that was just unbelievable to me. He claimed that friend of his read that a song by Flo Rida was the most popular song in the world ever. Really ever? So your friend believes Flo Rida made a song that beat out Happy Birthday and everything ? Of course the researcher in me was not about to take a third hand statistic like that as fact without doing some verification.  As I expected the statistic that the guy reported was slightly off since he failed to put a very relevant qualifier in front. But the real statistics were still pretty amazing to me. Apparently the single “Low”  by Flo Rida was the best selling digitally downloaded song to date* with over 4.5 million downloads.  It held the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 longer than any other song in 2008. And get this… It went #1 on the charts in Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand, France, and Thailand. It was also in the top ten in several other countries. Ireland????

What I think of when I think of Irish girls dancing

What I think of when I think of Irish girls dancing

I wonder if Flo Rida had any idea he’d have the Irish Lassies and the girls down under getting low when he made that song. The success of stuff like this is a testament to the influence that urban culture has not just on America, but on the entire world.

On one hand I see where people who complain about the images of black culture that the rest of the world get exposed to are coming from. In far too many cases these are the only images of black American culture that some of these people have. But on the other hand it shows that young black kids have real power because the whole world watches to see what they like.  Maybe someone needs to figure out how  this power can be used for the good of the black community instead of complaining about it?

 I also think it’s hilarious how so many non-black people critisize  “ghetto culture” while their kids are posting videos of themselves on Youtube getting low low low low.

At any rate I get excited when someone unexpected has a global impact. We saw what happened with Soulja Boy and Crank Dat. Whether you love the song or hate it you have to give the kid credit for the global impact his song had. Even prisoners in the Phillipines were Cranking that Soulja Boy. I can’t wait to see what the next ghetto thing to go global will be.

Will we see videos’ of kids in the villages of India doing the Stanky Leg?
* Apparently this stat is based on U.S. sales or maybe songs made in the U.S. because the actual number 1 most downloaded song in the world is a song by a Japanese girl that had over 7 million downloads in Japan. If something is number one in an Asian country with all those people you may as well say it’s number one in the world. Even if the rest of the world has never heard of it.

One Response to “Ghetto culture touches the world”

  1. Fallible Sage Says:

    Exactly! This is always one of my first points when people try to implicate Hip Hop as the source of all that ails us… Hip Hop is worldwide, so is it the cuase or a effect… think people think. Great Post.

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