13 year old Brittish father looks like a kid himself

I remember the first time I witnessed teenage pregnancy. I was in the 6th grade. It was my first day at a new school,  a middle school. I saw a girl who was in the 8th grade and very pregnant. But the first thought that came to my innocent mind was that she must have been in a play. It didn’t even occur to me until weeks later, when the girl was apparently still in costume, that that frumpy maternity dress that girl was wearing was actually a real maternity dress. During that same school year I also saw another pregnant girl, but this girl was in the same grade as me. She couldn’t have been more than 13 years old (and that’s given that she may have repeated a grade).

When I think back on it the jump from 5th grade to 6th grade was pretty huge. I can almost understand why some school districts prolong that jump until 7th grade. In 6th grade you change classes, you have to remember a locker combination, you change clothes in PE, and for the first time you’re surrounded by kids in the midst of a raging hormone surge. But in 6th grade in just about every way you are still very much a child. I guess thinking back on how innocent I was at thatage makes the story I just read about the little Brittish boy so shocking. It’s not all that shocking that a 13 year old

Can a 13 year old even buy condoms????

Can a 13 year old even buy condoms????

boy would talk about  having sex (the Brittish boy was actually 12 at the time of conception) because I remember the way that kids acted at my middle school. It was also obvious that some of the kids were actually acting out some of the things they talked about, as evidenced by the two pregnant girls I remember. There were actually more than two pregnant girls at the school that year, but I don’t clearly remember their faces. But with all the very young pregnant girls I saw  I never actually saw the face of a 13 year old male father. The girls obviously couldn’t hide their condition. But I guess back then I always assumed they had gotten pregnant by older guys. I never even considered that the dads could have been as young as the moms (I doubt they were though). And the girls I remember looked so much more mature to me at the time than the little Brittish boy did. He looked like a kid playing with his baby sister. And the girl he got pregnant (she was 15) looked much older than he did. The whole story just looked strange. And not because they were white. (The first teenage pregnancy I saw…the 8th grader…was a white girl).  But aside from how strange the story looked I guess the thing that struck me the most was the national outrage the story caused in Brittian. The idea that a 13 year old boy could be a father just seemed preposterous. I’m just wondering where the national outrage was for my classmate who was pregnant at 12 or 13. Is it no less preposterous that a girl could be a mother at such a young age? Or is a young black girls life so much less valuable than that of a 13 year old boy. Or is American society so desensitized to teen pregnancies that a 12 year old pregnant girl of any race doesn’t even make a blip on the radar?  I don’t remember so much as a newspaper article about her pregnancy, or the handful of other pregnancies I saw that year.  I wonder what that girl did with her life. She’d be about 33 now and her child would be 20. She could actually be a grandmother now if the cycle continued.

Anyway, while the 13 year old boy might have to learn how to budget for baby formula out of his allowance, based on the article the 13 year old boy actually sounds about as mature as the 33 year old mother of 14 I talked about in my last post. So I wish him the best.

34 Responses to “13 year old Brittish father looks like a kid himself”

  1. Are you serious! WHAT!?
    I sooo want an update on this once we have more time passing!
    I mean what is that 6th grade?

    • wat are you all talking about the situation about the little boy is getting wat out of control. If you want to hit it than hit it man wats stopin you besides you and life WTH!!!!!!

  2. thats cool i whont se the baby, mom & dad

  3. migrezzzzz Says:

    danm that must be sooo cooool

  4. Im 14 and I didint mak3 that mistake.not tryn to act like im better but next time u bang a girl rememb3r to uze a condom.yur boy CC

  5. Y0 im 14 and I didint get a girl pregnant.not tryn 2 act lik3 im better than u or anything but next ti3 u bang a girl rem3mber 2 uze a condom.yur boy cc hit me up chrisoz95@aim.com

  6. @ ace of spadez perhaps at 14 you shouldn’t be “banging” anything anyway. Just a thought…

  7. gee. i am a 15 year-old and i had sex but i didn’t have my period yet.

  8. ok she sholed look girl look 2 have sex don’t let the fuck with out a fucking cc

  9. also im 13 and know to look and what was he no cc hit me up eleanor.dasen@sbcglobal.net

  10. ewww thats gross im 12 and i would never think about “doing it” thats sick! that boy is way too young to be a father

  11. hey i 12 and i am really lookin for a girl any sugestions

    • try going to school and getting good grades…girls like that

      • lol,dont be a jerk klysha..we’re just joking around..mothers shouldn’t be here….

      • @mc clinton ummm I’m not a mother…although I’m old enough to be some of these commenters mother….and since this is my site and all…well you know…
        I am a little disturbed by how young some of these folks are who are reporting that they are sexually active….you’re still figuring out how the equipment works at these ages….you guys should really wait until your emotional maturity has caught up with your physical before you start having sex….that’s my mom moment for the day

  12. danny boy Says:

    i gotta give this kid some props for f**king at age 12 for banging a chick…
    unless she was ugly lol…hopefully she blowed him also..

  13. o my gosh i wiil love to do sex at that bage i will like to do that i alredy have a kid and i loved to do sex i want to do sex 20 times but this time whit a condom on or else i m going to get pregbnat

  14. Im 13 and i almost dated a girl that just had sex and did not know if she was pregnat or not but if she was i would be there for the baby and i would be a father and take care of the kid and if she would call it my kid that would be ok i would do what any 13 year old father would do get good grades in school and try to get a good job in this economy and take good care of that baby!

  15. fun-sized Says:

    Im 14 and i havent had sex but at this age nobody should be doing “it” in the 1st place kids these days grow up to damn fast

  16. i had sex when i was 10 it was awesome

  17. the big easy Says:

    im 16. i was technicaly involed with sex sence 9, but i didnt go all the way til 13.. so its about normal, he just stupid for not using a condom..


  19. prettyprincess Says:

    I am 12 years old and i nevehave sex. But i almost did but i was so scared i just want to do so i know how it feels.

  20. wow, i agree with klysha… you guys are deffinently not mature enough yet to be sexually active, i am 16 and i have only had sex one time, and i realized i wasnt even ready so just think about the decisions that your about you make and think about the other person, even if your ready your partner may not be…. so just be careful and think of the consequences…. not only could you get a girl pregnant but you could also get so many diseases (chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, hepatitis, Genital warts, syphilis and many others.)

  21. man i had my sex and i was 10 and i kinnda like it but it was wired and during my sex he let it all out i mean…well when they get all good and stuff and was like SICK and he was shock and so was I and i soo glad that i didnt get my perid cause if i did i would say that i have a baby so dont have sex or anything it could get u in so much trobuall and u wish that the guy u had sex with was whearing a condom and now im 11 so i still remaber it so dont have sex till ur old engough oh ya when i was done having sex i said to my self “man why did i do that… im so glad i didnt get my perid or when im 13 im gonna be giving birth right now”. so trust me go on http://www.healthofkids.com i think cuase it had somthing for teens plz dont have sex ur ull be saying “why did i do that” well bi dont get pregnet or somone pregnet and u wont be happy. 😦 follow my edviss 😉

  22. michael Says:

    im an 18 year old guy so i know the hormones are hard to control, but im wondering what ever happened to moral values. ive been offered sex many times before but i have always said no

  23. jordan Says:

    Guys that are 12,13,14,or maybe 15 should have sex it is bad for you and your paartner sometimes it can ruin ur relationship or maybe even give you diseases. Im 12 I haven’t even thought about sex and i wont have sex any time soon !!!!!!!

    • im all moset 12 i have thoght aboght sex 1 of my freinds is 14 she started haveing sex whene she was 11 and has had 3 diferent pregnececes i look at her as the totoly oposet person she loves to party and have a lote of unpertekted sex she never yuseses a condom my only eddvice is whate to have sex untill your at least 15 or 17 thats when im going to have sex just be safe and yueses condoms when ever you have sex

  24. OK WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH MOST OF YOUR HEADS SERIOUSLY U GUYS ARE FUCKING SCREWED IN THE HEAD LIKE HOLY SHIT 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 is way too young for a kid after is okkkk but I MEAN WHAT THE FUCK????? SOME KIDS COMMENTING ARE 10 11 12 13 AND THINKING ABOUT HAVING FUCKING SEX NO OFFENSE BUT U R FREAKING SCREWED IN THE HEAD AND SHOULD C A DOCTOR CAUSE THATS INSANE im 10 and obviously not going to even think about sex , (safe) until 17-18 god holy shit if i went to school and told people about you kind of people they would say just what i said so honestly wait lots of years before even safe sex like holy shit whats this world coming to fricken retards and mental basterds im a girl and want to do a guy for a while so wtf

  25. why a 11 year old girl have sex with her 12 year old boyfriend and his name is akee so in school i have to tell him (why u having sex in yr early age and he said sex is cool but notin yr early age and that she wanna have sex with me and i told her no im not getting hiv and other disease like that she having sex with him 1 time in his house 12 am so loud and his mother is a bitch??????

  26. why a 11 year old girlfriend having sex with her 12 year old boyfriend????

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