Celebrity Drama and a Nutcase for a Mama

chris-brown_rihanna-kiss1The biggest story this week of course has been the Chris Brown Rihanna drama. The rumors have been multiplying like Bebe’s kids and I see no end in sight. I have nothing to add to the dialogue about that situation other than I’m heartbroken for both of them. The only good thing that I can think of that has come out of all of this is it has sparked a national dialogue about domestic abuse. Hopefully this situation will prompts schools to start educating kids on how to better handle situations so that they don’t have to resort to violence.

And in other bad judgement news, the other story this week that caught my eye was the story about the w0man who

Maybe she just really loves kids

Maybe she just really loves kids

used in-vitro fertilization to aid her in having octuplets, when she already had SIX kids. What in the jumping Jezebel is wrong with this woman? Why would any rational adult think this is a good idea?  Oh wait they wouldn’t!! I deduced from her interview that she was a couple of wheels short of a roller skate, but what about the doctor that carried out the procedure? This is someone who presumably is practicing medicine with a license and a degree. Shouldn’t they be held to a higher standard of judgement. This woman obviously lacks the means to take care of these kids, and the fact that she’s quite possibly a nutcase has frightened the sponsors away. Unlike other parents of mega-multiples who have gotten generous donations from baby product companies, this lady has only gotten lukewarm sponsorship at best. It’s truly a heartbreaking story for everyone involved. Somebody please donate this woman some diapers . Throw in some pacifiers too because I know 14 kids can make a lot of noise. Besides it’s not the kids fault their mom is nuts.  For the poor kids sake I actually hope someone steps in and offers this woman a reality show. It can’t be any worse than watching RuPaul the next drag queen or Ray J searching for love.

2 Responses to “Celebrity Drama and a Nutcase for a Mama”

  1. Excuse you, I like RuPaul’s Drag Race!

  2. LMAO! Deevil you would like that show! Honestly I haven’t even seen it yet so I am clearly prejudging…but since I rarely even watch television I seriously doubt that watching a drag queen pick out the next superdrag queen will make it into my top rotation.

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