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I really should become a vegetarian

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My brain says give up the meat, but my mouth says bring on the bacon. What’s a girl to do? I cooked some bacon the other day and of course it was freaking delicious. Then I cleaned up the coagulated mess that was left behind from the congealed grease and I envisioned that pasty mess clogging up my veins and I was disgusted. But not disgusted enough not to cook some more bacon this morning. I am literally typing this post with a slice of bacon in hand. And again it’s freaking delicious. Besides, the world is in a financial crisis so who would I be to throw away perfectly good food.  

Why does eating bad taste so good?

Why does eating bad taste so good?

At any rate, I have been analyzing what the barriers are to my conversion to vegetarianism and I have found that there are basically two. 

1) Meat is very delicious

2) Most vegetables are very non-delicious

 I have yet to figure out a workable strategy to get around those two barriers.

Strategy #1: Make meat less delicious. This can easily be done with me at the helm in the kitchen. But as long as there are meats available that require little or no skill to cook … bacon….. this solution will always fail.

Strategy #2: Make vegetables more delicious. There are rumors going around that vegetables can be made very tasty. And for the most part I believe these rumors are true.  I know for a fact that collard greens cooked with a ham hock can be quite tasty. But vegetarians would argue that collards prepared that way are not vegetarian. I also enjoy sweet potatoes with a lot of butter cinnamon and sugar. Fried corn with lots of butter is great too.*  However a diet comprised  of the approximately 5 vegetables that I enjoy would not a balanced diet make. Therefore strategy #2 also fails.

I will probably revisit the idea of vegetarian conversion another day. But this post has made me a little hungry so I’m about to go cook myself another slice or two of bacon.

*If you’re not from the deep south you have probably never heard of fried corn. But fried corn is delicious. It’s made by putting corn (preferably freshly shucked),  butter, milk and flour in a frying pan and mixing in some southern charm and a little bit of love.


A Better Bailout Solution

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I just heard Jon Stewart pose the most brilliant economic solution. I thought it was brilliant mostly because it’s the

There's something wrong with this picture

There's something wrong with this picture

same solution that my mom and I proposed while we were talking on the phone one day.  Jon Stewart in semi-jest proposed a solution that he called a “trickle up strategy”. What my mom and I and Jon Stewart proposed was this. Instead of giving all this bailout money to the banks that have been screwing all of us over for years why not give the money to the people to pay the banks back.  Sit back and let that marinate for a minute. It sounds so simple. Now I’m obviously not proposing just giving the people money all willy nilly. Somehow there has to be a means to ensure that the money only goes to pay back either consumer debt or mortgage debt, not the accumulation of more stuff. But what good does it do to give the money to the banks to whom the money is owed while still leaving the people who owe it to them beholden to pay the banks back. That means that if the people who are strapped with debt ever get it together the banks get a double pay day. It’s not like they’re out there forgiving all the bad debt for the people. I’m not an economist or anything but how does this make sense. Seriously I really want an economist to help me out with this. Jon Stewart described it as giving the people a reset button. Everyone could just start over with a clean slate. Does this really sound crazy? I mean everybody played some part in screwing up this economy, but the people who were the most vulnerable are being completely ignored while the people who always held all of the power are getting a handout. Am I the only one who sees the flaw in giving money to the banks without forgiving the debtors? So we bail out the banks for all the dumb loans and high risks they took but we don’t forgive the people who made dumb decisions and got in over their head in debt. In most cases the people were acting in good faith whereas in most cases the banks were being greedy. What in this bailout is being done to relieve the people who were victims of the banks greed? People are still losing their homes at an alarming rate and people are still beholden to pay back the outrageous interest to the same greedy banks that are crying for help.

A simple google search will show that my mom, Jon Stewart, and I are not the only people who think this is the way to go. There are tons of others who have proposed this solution yet I have heard not one word from politicians about actually putting something like this through. I really want an economic expert to tell me why this wouldn’t work. Otherwise I’m starting a letter writing campaign to let the people in power know that there’s a better solution. Maybe the senators don’t use google.

Is Winning 100-0 Unsportsmanlike?

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I read an interesting article about a girls basketball team that beat their opponent 100-0.  After the game they decided to forfeit their win. On the one hand they are saying there is no honor in such a lopsided victory. But on the other hand it’s not their fault they were so unfairly matched.  I’m trying to figure out what message they’re trying to send the kids. Are they saying it’s okay to win but not by too much? Or maybe they’re saying it’s okay to win but don’t show off when you do. And what about teaching the other team to lose with dignity. (According to the article they did, so what’s the problem.) It was an interesting conundrum for the winning team so I thought I’d post about it.

A weekend I won’t ever forget

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Now that my extremities have thawed out and my house full of guests have all made it safely back to their respective homes, I can reflect on one of the most memorable weekends of my life. Earlier this week I was blessed to be among a crowd of over a million and a half people who got to see the first black president of the United States sworn into office. People joked that maybe hell did have to freeze over for it to happen. It sure felt like it did in DC last week. On January 20, 2009 I was colder than I can ever remember being from about 6 AM until 5PM. That whole weekend had to be the coldest weekend that DC has experienced in the past 6 and a half years that I’ve lived in the area. But for some reason I’m actually glad it happened that way. The day might not have been as memorable if it were a balmy 50 degrees, and the already barely manageable crowd might have doubled.  Of course it’s much easier to say I’m glad it happened that way after my hands and feet finally thawed out. Because on that day I would have given anything for a 30 degree temperature rise. I want to give a special thanks to the charter bus driver who put that little sign in his bus window that said “warming bus.” Had I not have spotted that sign my cousin, her fiance and I might not have made it through the day. I could have watched the inauguration from the comfort and warmth of my living room. Maybe I actually would have seen Michelle’ walk out in her lovely mustard colored dress, or noticed when the oath was flubbed. But I wouldn’t have gotten to be one of the well over a million people who cheered together when his presidency was made official. How often do you get to share an occasion that special with that many people.  Unlike my friends in the area who chickened out when they saw the subfreezing temperatures on the thermometer, I get to tell my kids “I froze my butt off, and by the end of the day every part of my body ached, but I was there.” Who wants to tell their kids “man I was gonna go but it was too danged cold.”  On that day I wouldn’t have wanted to be any place else….except maybe in the purple or yellow ticketed area that was actually inside the capital grounds.

The sea of people

The sea of people

We watched from all the way back beside the Washington Monument. I took the picture above while standing on the steps approaching the monument.

That's me under all those clothes

That's me under all those clothes

My only regret is that I didn’t take more pictures. But my fingers were so cold that it was hard to operate the camera.

Almost as exciting as being a part of the inauguration crowd was getting to see my favorite old school singer in the club before the inauguration. I actually saw Stevie Wonder in the club. I partied with a real live legend! Here’s my video.

In 2009 I resolve to…..

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I’m not really one for making New Year’s resolutions…well that’s sort of a lie…I usually mean to make them but I forget to until the year is well on it’s way and it’s therefore kind of pointless to call them New Year’s Resolutions…. But this year is still has the new car smell so I still have an opportunity to get a perceived fresh start.  So before 2009’s engine gets hot I’m making a few resolutions. I might even try to keep them. 

1) I resolve to stop procrastinating…. as much.

This one will be a tough one because I don’t always view the built in stall time I give myself before I start on an unpleasant task as procrastination per se. I see it more as a pre-reward for actually deciding to do the unpleasant task in question. This year I will try saving the reward until the end and see how that goes.  I didn’t get off to a great start on this one though because I meant to write this blog on Jan 1st….

2) I resolve to not stare at people as much …. unless they are asking for it

This will also be a tough one for me because I have a habit of ogling people as though they can’t see me ogling them. This stems from an invisibility complex I had as a child that I have yet to shake. It’s not because I’m attracted to them or because I think they’re ugly. It’s just because I think people are interesting. A note to anyone I have ogled in the past: Please don’t take it personally. I promise it was not.

3) I resolve to be on time for something every week.

Not saying I’ll always be on time, or what I’ll be on time for, but my chronic tardiness is unacceptable. If nothing else I want to break the cycle of being late to pretty much everything.

4) I resolve to shop less…..or at least when I do shop only buy what I actually really need or really really want. 

Another tough one because I don’t even have to wait til I get off work to shop. The Internet is right there on my desk top (Not that I would shop during work hours or anything … but I’m just saying…) Perhaps to facilitate this resolution I should find a new hobby. One that doesn’t require me to shop for any equipment to do it.

5) Tackling resolution #4 will help me with resolution #5 which is to save much more.

I have a specific savings goal that I will just keep to myself.

6) I resolve to read more.

I really love to read anyway but I don’t always make enough time to do it because I get so distracted by the multitude of time wasters on the Internet.

7) I resolve to cook more.

I don’t really like eating out all that much, but I also don’t really like to cook. Honestly I don’t particularly love eating all that much either. This poses a bit of a conundrum since survival has this tricky requirement for eating. But I also hate being hungry. The lack of love for eating tends to get in the way of getting motivated to cook. But the hatred for being hungry drives me to eating food not prepared by my hands on a far too frequent basis. But I’m thinking that if I cook more my cooking will be better and I will look forward to eating it more….

8) I resolve to be friendlier.

I have a tendency in situations where friendliness is not required to just sit back and hope that the people don’t notice I’m there and therefore don’t expect any niceties out of me. I have also been accused of looking mean on occasions when I really wasn’t intending to look that way.

9) I resolve to be meaner sometimes.

I also have a tendency to be too nice when a swift direct (and sometimes kinda mean) response would save me a lot of trouble.

10) I resolve to laugh as often as possible….but not as often during inappropriate times.

Life is funny. The other night I sat next to a man while waiting on the subway who told me he was from Pluto. He crashed landed here when he was 3 years old. And he has the special powers to have sex with a woman without taking her clothes off. Most people would have promptly found another place to sit for the 5 minute wait. But I think my life is richer because I took the opportunity to listen to his story and laugh about it once he was no longer in ear shot.

The first part of this resolution is easy. But not laughing at the off rhythm white person trying to keep the beat at the mostly black church I attend will be a little harder.

I think this is a pretty solid list of resolutions. Hopefully I kept them realistic enough that I can keep them…but also set my sights high enough that I will be able to see measurable progress by 2010.

Happy New Year!!!!