Am I wrong for asking??

This is about to be a really politically incorrect post. I mean no disrespect to anyone of any race but inquiring minds want to know. Can someone please explain to me how people of certain races get certain industries on lock? For example, in the DC metro area and some of the other major metro areas around the country Ethiopians have the parking lot attendant game locked down! How does this happen??? When is the last time you saw a white or even a non -African black person collecting fees at a parking lot?

When is the last time your parking attendant looked like this?

When is the last time your parking attendant looked like this?

Is there some requirement that in order to get a permit to run a parking lot that you be from east Africa? And they take their parking attendant duties seriously! There is no hook up with these people. Try talking one of them into cutting you a deal because you will only be parked for 10 minutes and see how far you get. They must also have a connection in the airport employment circuit because they run pretty deep at Dulles airport too. And we all know that the Asians have the nail care and black beauty product game on lock. I think that’s the case in every city. When is the last time you saw a black janitor in the city? We all know who has that game on lock. Here’s a hint. They have construction help and landscaping on lock as well.* The gas station game has been dominated by people of Arabic descent for years. They had a hold on the cab industry too for a while but Africans have been taking over. And strangely enough African cab drivers picked up some of the same habits that Arabic cab drivers have had for years…i.e. not picking up black people. I remember trying to catch a cab with a boyfriend years ago unsuccessfully for the longest until a kind white dude who witnessed our frustration and stepped out and hailed one for us. A cab stopped for him within 2 minutes. The driver was African, and he was pissed! Do Africans not realize that they too are black???

These are just a few of the more visible industries that I have noticed an unusually high percentage of workers of the same race. I know there are some others and I know I’m not the only one who noticed this. I just want some answers. I mean I might want to own a parking lot one day. Will I have to marry an Ethiopian? Do I have to lie on my application for a permit and say I’m Ethiopian? I’ve been asked by a number of Ethiopians whether I’m one of them so maybe I’d have a shot. Hit me up if you know the answer. However, if you want to blast me for my political incorrectness please save yourself some energy and don’t bother.  

* Okay I might be lumping people of multiple nationalities together here. El Salvadorians, Mexicans, etc but it’s not like I can tell the difference so sue me.

One Response to “Am I wrong for asking??”

  1. Hey, someone had to say it…glad you did on your forum.

    Here in Los Angeles, it’s the exact same deal…Ethiopians are the parking attendants all over town (and when it’s not them, it’s Latinos)

    It’s just like why are entertainment execs always white Jewish men? Or do Indians ever wanna NOT be doctors or engineers? And Latinos over 21 seem to never be single (you would think they get betrothed in high school)

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