The Magic of Christmas

Am I the only one who, upon reaching adulthood, noticed that the holiday season lost most of the magic it used to have back when we were kids? When I was a kid all I had to do was sit back and wait for Santa. Christmas couldn’t get here fast enough. Now there’s no Santa, and it seems like Christmas is a bullet train heading straight for me and I have yet to do my part in making Christmas magic.

During the holidays I feel like I need to learn how to knit homemade snowflakes, bake a dozen ginger cookies, volunteer at the local charity kitchen and buy gifts for everyone I know all at the same time. My brain is overloaded with messages about how to create the perfect holiday experience. And unfortunately most of the messages I get are in direct conflict with one another. It’s no wonder people get stressed out during the holidays.

And then there’s the shopping. In this jacked up economy Christmas shopping has become less an act of generosity to the one’s we love the most and more of a bloodsport as evidenced by the 3 Black Friday casualties. I suspect that as December 25th draws nearer people will become more fervent in their quests to make their loved ones dreams come true. Afterall Christmas just ain’t Christmas until someone punches someone in the face for the last Nintendo Wii. The consumerism, and the stress is out of control.

And with the planet it peril it’s no longer in vogue to run up your light bill with a traffic stopping Christmas display. Even gift wrapping paper has been called out as a symbol of gross wastefulness, not to mention the mounds of shopping bags that ultimately end up in a toxic non-biodegradable stew in the ocean. Did everyone remember to carry a reusable shopping bag to the mall with them this year?

Are all those lights energy efficient????

Are all those lights energy efficient????

In these trying times Christmas just isn’t the same anymore! It’s high time for us to remember that Christmas isn’t about gifts, or recovering from a yearlong sales slump, or hand knitted christmas stockings, or even about who has the biggest bobbing reindeer in their front lawn. No, Christmas is actually supposed to be a huge birthday party for Jesus. And in his honor we’re supposed to act more like him by showing love for our fellow man. And of course Jesus would want you to use recycled wrapping paper, and energy efficient lights on the 10 foot cross in your front lawn. And I’m almost certain Jesus wouldn’t want you to pay full price for your new Christmas sweater in this economy so go ahead and use that 20% off coupon to Filene’s Basement and get yourself something nice. You’ve been good all year! Now go make some Christmas magic!

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