President Barack Hussein Obama…say it with me

Say it with me America…. President Barack Hussein Obama….Say the whole thing. Get everyone used to hearing it. It’s okay. It’s time to erase the racist, (religionist, cultureist or whatever) connotation some republicans were trying to attach to our president elect’s middle name. That’s the name that his parents gave him and he should be proud of it. And we shouldn’t let them try to demean his name ever again. We should be proud to say that America finally managed to elect a president with a name that doesn’t sound like he was a descendent of slave owners.  (I was amazed as I looked through the list of all the past presidents at how many of them were named John, George, William or James*.) It feels good to know that now a name that is about as ethnic sounding as they come will be associated with one of the most prestigious positions in the entire world. Take that, Bill Platt, you racist bastard! So how did it feel on November 5th when you woke up and your presidents name was Barack Hussein Obama…..Ooooh it burns don’t it! Watch the video below. Then laugh in his racist face.

* I have nothing against these names. I was just making an observation. My own father and brother are named George, my grandfather, uncle and a younger cousin are named James

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