McCain, Palin and the Village Idiots

I got my wisdom teeth removed a couple of days ago which has unfortunately given me an excessive amount of time to watch television. Over the past couple of days I’ve seen repeated airings of clips of the “angry mob” of, for lack of a better term, village idiots at the McCain rallies cheering McCain and his sidekick Palin on as they spewed out angry attack after angry attack against Obama. I guess the purpose of these attacks is supposed to be to call Obama’s character into question. However the effect for me has been that they  by

Grrrr.....I want to win by any means necessary

Grrrr.....I want to win by any means necessary

sheer contrast seem to make the Obama camp look that much classier.  I can’t for the life of me understand how the people in the McCain camp can’t see this. I mean surely there are some reasonably intelligent people in their ranks somewhere. Of course these attacks weren’t meant for me. They were meant for the village idiots who, from what I could see, were eating all the negativity up. So maybe that’s what the reasonably intelligent people in their camp were banking on. And truthfully in this country going after the village idiot vote is probably a pretty decent strategy.

At any rate, this election just seems to get uglier and uglier as November 4th draws near. It seems like the Republicans are sticking to the strategy they were trying to use at the beginning of the election. If we can’t tear him down based on anything he did let’s go after his friends. This however seems like a pretty dangerous strategy for a 70 + year old white man in America. Because what are the odds that McCain has close ties of some kind to someone who promoted institutionalized racism in the 60s. Probably pretty good. And if the logic they’re pushing holds true that would mean that McCain is a racist or at the very least promotes racism right? Is someone in the Obama camp on top of digging this up? Maybe not, because from what I have seen they have been running a much classier campaign than that.

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  1. “World events do not occur by accident: They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings.”

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