Sarah Palin scares me

I have been trying to stay off the Palin bashing bandwagon, but with the unrelenting coverage of the recent VP debate I can’t seem to get visions of this scary chick out of my head. So I’m writing this post as a form of therapy so hopefully I can sleep well tonight without anymore frightening visions of the American way being lost on a wink and a nod.

Could she be America's worst nightmare???

Could she be America's worst nightmare?

She’s got this mix of narrow mindedness, ignorance, power hungriness, and blind ambition, with a heaping scoop of religious fundamentalism thrown in to create the perfect recipe for a worst case scenario leader. Toss in her support for the NRA and warmonger spirit and we could be facing the end of the free world as we know it if she ever gets a chance to sit in the big chair.

The nasty comments that she recently made accusing Obama of “palling around with terrorists” were evidence that she will say anything regardless of how baseless the statements are if she thinks she can get a leg up. Fortunately I think most Americans are swift enough not to fall for her dirty fear mongering political tactics.

I know I shouldn’t be shocked by anything I see in this country anymore, but I did find it a little shocking that the people who were defending Palins performance in the debates were saying that she seemed like someone they would like to sit down and have a beer with. Since when does being a great drinking buddy qualify one for the position of second in command??? I can think of a lot of people I would drink with who I wouldn’t want running my home owners association let alone the country. And Lord help us if McCain and Palin get the white house because people think Palin is cute and energetic. They’re actually calling her performance a win because she didn’t totally screw it up. What??? When the qualifications for the vice presidency get dropped below the requirements to be Miss America I know that America is on a slippery sleigh ride into ruin.


Exactly what is this look saying??

Exactly what is this look saying??

On a completely unrelated note…what the heck is this look about? I’ve been seeing guys (and some girls but the guys are the most confusing) wearing picnic blanket scarves around their necks. Is this a statement or something? I think I’m starting to be glad I’m getting out of touch with fashion.

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