Celebrating singleness

I just found out that last week was national unmarrieds and singles week. If I would have known I would have gathered as many of my single friends together for a celebratory drink. It’s about time we got celebrated since most of us have spent more than our fair share of time celebrating for our attached friends ….their engagements, their weddings, their baby showers. Dangit where is my single celebration gift??

I don’t need a special week to celebrate my singlehood anyway. I can celebrate that every day. People need to

I offer a festive drink to all my people living in unwedded bliss

I offer a festive drink to all my people living in unwedded bliss

stop treating singleness like a curse and embrace it as a place you’re supposed to be in your life for the time you’re there. As a female over 30 I hear many of my female counterparts lamenting their manlessness and obsessing over the quest to find a mate. (I’ve even been guilty of it a time or two). I also hear quite a few well intended but misguided inquiries from married folk about when I’m going to get married. Ummmm I don’t know I was thinking about scheduling a wedding for next Thursday but I have a dentists appointment…next Friday is free though so maybe I’ll do it then. Hello!!!

Anyway I don’t want to knock my married folk. I want to join you in the “we” club one day, but for now I’m enjoying where I am today. People are always doing these studies about whether marriage makes you happy. I think being happy makes you happy. No matter where you are married or single if you have a happy positive outlook on life you will be alright.

Maybe more of us single folk need to take this time and make the most of it by spending the time doing things that wouldn’t be so easy to do once we’re attached. That way when we finally do get hitched we won’t want to look back.

At any rate this is my list of the best things about being single….it’s in no particular order:

** No one to answer to when I spend $300 on purses (shoes, jeans etc)

** I can hang out til the wee hours guiltlessly

** I can decide to go on a trip without consulting anyone else

** I can come home and eat cereal or a PB&J for dinner if I don’t feel like cooking

** I can sleep smack in the middle of the bed and get all the covers

** The remote (when I actually watch TV) is mine!

** The toilet seat is always down right where I left it

** Don’t have to pick up anyone elses dirty socks..(I’m bad enough with my own)

** I only have to deal with my own issues not mine and my mates

** about 50% of married people envy my singleness

One day I will write a list of the things that suck the most about being single…but today I’m celebrating!

Any married people care to offer anything they wish they would have done while they were still single?

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