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The Home Stretch

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With only one week remaining before the next president of the United States is chosen I just want to ponder a few questions about the whole election process.

Why do politicians make specific promises while they’re on the campaign trail? It seems like the most honest approach a politician could take would be to tell the people “Look, I don’t know what the future holds, but I promise to do what I think I have to do to make things happen.” That’s about all anyone can promise to do without knowing what they will be faced with once they get the job. I’m waiting on the first candidate to take this approach. They will probably get my vote.

Why is the president still chosen by electoral college instead of popular vote? Has no one recognized the fundamental flaws of this system? It would be different if the populations of all states were more or less homogeneous. But people in large cities often have different ideals than people in small towns. The electoral college essentially discounts the value of votes cast by people in large metropolitan areas like Atlanta who might vote completely differently than the rest of the population of Georgia.

Why do they air so many stupid commercials? Are people really swayed one way or the other by these ads? All of them are biased toward the candidate who made the commercial so it seems like a television ad would be the worst place to get unbiased information to make an informed decision.
Can anyone answer these questions for me?

At any rate we’re in the home stretch of this thing…. thank goodness. And we won’t have to go through this thing for another 4 years. Hopefully a week from today I’ll be getting ready for the Obama victory party.


On a completely unrelated note…I so wish I was at one of those Thriller dance gatherings that they did in recognition of the 25 year anniversary of the release of the Thriller video. That looked like so much fun!
Am I the only one who was terrified by that video when they were a kid though?


10 Days to Go

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We’re down to the last 10 days of what has felt like the longest election season ever. (Maybe it was the longest ever if you factor in the states that had early primaries and the fact that the Hillary Clinton campaign started about 6 years ago). I will be glad to see the end of the negative campaigning, the endless debates about whether race is an issue in this campaign, and the non-stop coverage on the 24 hour news channels. But a part of me will miss some aspects of this election season. This is the first time in a long time that I can remember my mom being energized about politics. When my dad and I used to talk about political issues she never used to participate. But this year she has been right in the mix, often leading the discussion. The most exciting thing about this election season is the number of people who have never paid attention before who are paying attention now. I hope and pray that their attention is held at least until Nov 4 so we can seal this deal and move on to the victory party on Nov 5.

Okay seriously they told us not to get cocky before these chickens have hatched. And we can never underestimate the levels the other party will go to in order to get what they want. But if Obama doesn’t win this thing I’m so afraid of the impact it will have on the first time voters who got in this thing just so they could help him win. I’m also a little nervous about what could happen on the streets on Nov 5th. Either way I might need to put in my leave request now. But if he does win I expect that the victory parties will be off the HOOK! I might need to stock up on some bottles of champaign now before the rush.

Trust in a Relationship

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Can cause irreparable relationship damage if broken

CAUTION: Can cause irreparable relationship damage if broken

Trust is the foundation upon which every healthy relationship is (or should be) built. Therefore, if you are a person who is unable to trust other people  that would make you fundamentally flawed in your ability to engage in a healthy relationship.* I could write a disertation on how the trust issue effects every single aspect of a relationship but this is a blog so I’ll try to narrow it down. I’ll just talk about how one shows their mate that they trust them.

I think that peoples attitudes about showing trust in a relationship can be broken down into two basic camps. One camp is the people who feel like if you’re in a relationship you should have nothing to hide so everything in your life should be an open book. The other camp is the people who feel like if you have real trust you shouldn’t have to give out all of your passwords or keep an eye on your mates every move.

There are pros and cons to being in either of these two camps. On the one hand I see the point of the people who feel like if you have nothing to hide then why hide anything. Except their logic has a fatal flaw. This philosophy requires that you have a mate who is secure enough not to feel the need to analyze every detail of your personal life to get reassurance that you’re being faithful. This doesn’t work when you allow an insecure person unlimited access. Because inevitably they will they see things that they don’t understand, and they’ll start making unfounded accusations, then all heck breaks loose. This is because all of your actions are colored by their own insecurities and or their own lack of trustworthiness.

Then there are the people who feel like if you’re secure in your relationship you shouldn’t have to have access to your mates email, myspace, and facebook password to know that they aren’t being unfaithful. The fatal flaw with this of course would be the case where you are with an unfaithful mate. It’s much harder for you to find this out because your mate would have free reign in a realm that is inaccessible to you to potentially engage in all kinds of secret activities.

So basically it boils down to the fact that if one of more members of the relationship either has issues trusting other people or can’t be trusted it doesn’t matter which camp of thought you subscribe to. You’ve got problems. And they WILL show up eventually.

I personally subscribe to the second camp by the way. I don’t need to know all of my mates** passwords and I don’t think I should have to give out all of mine. I think people need some boundaries in relationships and respecting my privacy is one of my boundaries. Would I have anything to hide? No. Should I have to constantly prove this to my mate? No.

 I think it’s much easier to trust other people when you are a person who can be trusted. At the same time being trusting opens you up as prey to the untrustable. So, as with most things in life, a balance is necessary.

Now view the video below. I see a myriad of trust issues brewing in the relationship depicted. (This is a video of Joe Budden and his girlfriend in which he is going through her Myspace messages) I will try to reserve overall judgement, but based on my commentary above you can probably guess how I feel about his actions in the video.


* I might talk about this topic in a future post

** I’m currently single so when I speak of “my mate” it’s strictly hypothetical.

McCain, Palin and the Village Idiots

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I got my wisdom teeth removed a couple of days ago which has unfortunately given me an excessive amount of time to watch television. Over the past couple of days I’ve seen repeated airings of clips of the “angry mob” of, for lack of a better term, village idiots at the McCain rallies cheering McCain and his sidekick Palin on as they spewed out angry attack after angry attack against Obama. I guess the purpose of these attacks is supposed to be to call Obama’s character into question. However the effect for me has been that they  by

Grrrr.....I want to win by any means necessary

Grrrr.....I want to win by any means necessary

sheer contrast seem to make the Obama camp look that much classier.  I can’t for the life of me understand how the people in the McCain camp can’t see this. I mean surely there are some reasonably intelligent people in their ranks somewhere. Of course these attacks weren’t meant for me. They were meant for the village idiots who, from what I could see, were eating all the negativity up. So maybe that’s what the reasonably intelligent people in their camp were banking on. And truthfully in this country going after the village idiot vote is probably a pretty decent strategy.

At any rate, this election just seems to get uglier and uglier as November 4th draws near. It seems like the Republicans are sticking to the strategy they were trying to use at the beginning of the election. If we can’t tear him down based on anything he did let’s go after his friends. This however seems like a pretty dangerous strategy for a 70 + year old white man in America. Because what are the odds that McCain has close ties of some kind to someone who promoted institutionalized racism in the 60s. Probably pretty good. And if the logic they’re pushing holds true that would mean that McCain is a racist or at the very least promotes racism right? Is someone in the Obama camp on top of digging this up? Maybe not, because from what I have seen they have been running a much classier campaign than that.

Sarah Palin scares me

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I have been trying to stay off the Palin bashing bandwagon, but with the unrelenting coverage of the recent VP debate I can’t seem to get visions of this scary chick out of my head. So I’m writing this post as a form of therapy so hopefully I can sleep well tonight without anymore frightening visions of the American way being lost on a wink and a nod.

Could she be America's worst nightmare???

Could she be America's worst nightmare?

She’s got this mix of narrow mindedness, ignorance, power hungriness, and blind ambition, with a heaping scoop of religious fundamentalism thrown in to create the perfect recipe for a worst case scenario leader. Toss in her support for the NRA and warmonger spirit and we could be facing the end of the free world as we know it if she ever gets a chance to sit in the big chair.

The nasty comments that she recently made accusing Obama of “palling around with terrorists” were evidence that she will say anything regardless of how baseless the statements are if she thinks she can get a leg up. Fortunately I think most Americans are swift enough not to fall for her dirty fear mongering political tactics.

I know I shouldn’t be shocked by anything I see in this country anymore, but I did find it a little shocking that the people who were defending Palins performance in the debates were saying that she seemed like someone they would like to sit down and have a beer with. Since when does being a great drinking buddy qualify one for the position of second in command??? I can think of a lot of people I would drink with who I wouldn’t want running my home owners association let alone the country. And Lord help us if McCain and Palin get the white house because people think Palin is cute and energetic. They’re actually calling her performance a win because she didn’t totally screw it up. What??? When the qualifications for the vice presidency get dropped below the requirements to be Miss America I know that America is on a slippery sleigh ride into ruin.


Exactly what is this look saying??

Exactly what is this look saying??

On a completely unrelated note…what the heck is this look about? I’ve been seeing guys (and some girls but the guys are the most confusing) wearing picnic blanket scarves around their necks. Is this a statement or something? I think I’m starting to be glad I’m getting out of touch with fashion.

Celebrating singleness

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I just found out that last week was national unmarrieds and singles week. If I would have known I would have gathered as many of my single friends together for a celebratory drink. It’s about time we got celebrated since most of us have spent more than our fair share of time celebrating for our attached friends ….their engagements, their weddings, their baby showers. Dangit where is my single celebration gift??

I don’t need a special week to celebrate my singlehood anyway. I can celebrate that every day. People need to

I offer a festive drink to all my people living in unwedded bliss

I offer a festive drink to all my people living in unwedded bliss

stop treating singleness like a curse and embrace it as a place you’re supposed to be in your life for the time you’re there. As a female over 30 I hear many of my female counterparts lamenting their manlessness and obsessing over the quest to find a mate. (I’ve even been guilty of it a time or two). I also hear quite a few well intended but misguided inquiries from married folk about when I’m going to get married. Ummmm I don’t know I was thinking about scheduling a wedding for next Thursday but I have a dentists appointment…next Friday is free though so maybe I’ll do it then. Hello!!!

Anyway I don’t want to knock my married folk. I want to join you in the “we” club one day, but for now I’m enjoying where I am today. People are always doing these studies about whether marriage makes you happy. I think being happy makes you happy. No matter where you are married or single if you have a happy positive outlook on life you will be alright.

Maybe more of us single folk need to take this time and make the most of it by spending the time doing things that wouldn’t be so easy to do once we’re attached. That way when we finally do get hitched we won’t want to look back.

At any rate this is my list of the best things about being single….it’s in no particular order:

** No one to answer to when I spend $300 on purses (shoes, jeans etc)

** I can hang out til the wee hours guiltlessly

** I can decide to go on a trip without consulting anyone else

** I can come home and eat cereal or a PB&J for dinner if I don’t feel like cooking

** I can sleep smack in the middle of the bed and get all the covers

** The remote (when I actually watch TV) is mine!

** The toilet seat is always down right where I left it

** Don’t have to pick up anyone elses dirty socks..(I’m bad enough with my own)

** I only have to deal with my own issues not mine and my mates

** about 50% of married people envy my singleness

One day I will write a list of the things that suck the most about being single…but today I’m celebrating!

Any married people care to offer anything they wish they would have done while they were still single?