Things that make you go ewww!

Okay why did I just read an article about PETA making a request to Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream that they start using human milk instead of cows milk in their products. Don’t believe me? Check out the article here? What in blue horseshoes and green clovers are they thinking at PETA? The fact that they encourage splashing paint on people’s expensive coats is evidence enough that PETAnites are cut from some special cloth, but this proposal takes the cake.

While I don’t think cows milk was really ever meant for humans, especially not grown humans, (I could write a whole blog about my feelings on that whole milk it does a body good conspiracy…but I’ll save that for another day) I do love me some ice cream. So much so that I am willing to risk a little lactose intoleration to consume some every now and then. Especially if it’s in the form of a Cheesecake Fantasy from Cold Stone Creamery…yum! But if I found out that the milk in my ice cream had been switched over to the fruits of Julie or Shanequa’s bosom I would probably spew my cheesecake fantasy all over the Cold Stone floor. Something about that just ain’t right.

So worth  the risk of cramps and flatulence

So worth the risk of cramps and flatulence

I mean what does PETA propose, mass milking of lactating women shortly after they give birth? This is much more humane than milking Bessie the cow I’m sure.

On a side note this blog entry just prompted me to leave my house and buy a pint of Ben and Jerry’s (Only because Cold Stone is closed!)

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