Do we really want the fashion police?

I’ve been reading a lot lately about certain cities putting laws on the books banning young men from sagging

Misdemeanor or fashion faux pas

Misdemeanor or fashion faux pas

their pants. While this might be tacky from a fashion perspective, the rebel in me screams foul when I see the government trying to step in to regulate bad fashion choices. It’s being called indecent exposure, but exactly what is being indecently exposed? Generally when I see guys wearing this look their behinds are covered, and there is no legal mandate on how many layers of clothing must cover a body part for the exposure to be decent. So it looks like these laws basically come down to regulating taste in clothing. The people who I’m sure enthusiastically voted for these laws clearly feel that this look is tacky. But if we’re banning clothing styles just because they’re tacky I propose a list of styles that should be officially punishable by law.

1) Short sleeve button up shirts with ties (but then half my work collegues would be in jail)

2) Extra smedium shirts with too tight extra fitted jeans (on men)

3) Crocks and Ugs (even though I do envy how comfortable both look)

4) House shoes worn out doors

5) Sweat pants with large suggestive verbiage on the butt

6) Men with button up shirts open to the third button or lower when they have a chest covered with hair (actually this is tacky with or without just makes it extra icky)

My list could go on and on…but even though I prefer not to look at these styles, I respect the rights of the wearers to display them with pride. We start to slide down a slippery slope as a society when we allow the government to step in and regulate our choices on matters as personal as what we choose to represent ourselves dressed in. So no matter how annoying it is to you when you see a young man wearing his pants around his mid thighs (and no matter what images of inmate culture or whatever other negative stereotype you might associate with it) just remember that part of what it means to be an American is allowing others to express themselves freely as long as it does no harm to others. Sometimes that means we have to suck it up when things other people do annoy us.

*****Just a thought…do the cities with these bans have similar bans on women who wear low rise jeans and thong underwear and allow the top of their thongs to be exposed? I don’t like looking at all of that either but I don’t think the offenders should be in jail.

Is this no less a crime than sagging jeans??

Is this no less a crime than sagging jeans??

****Another thought…isn’t the legal system overburdened enough for us not to be putting extra laws on the books for acts such as this that hurt no one but the wearer….I mean can you leave the poorly dressed teenager alone and catch the dude who’s breaking into everyone’s cars please

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