Trying to balance my perspective

I don’t know anyone personally who admits to being pro-McCain. I do know of a couple of black Republicans, but I haven’t discussed this years presidential election with either of them so I have no idea where their leanings are given the dynamics of this election. Clearly my social circle isn’t diverse enough to truly give me a balanced perspective. So in an attempt to balance my perspective I am sitting here watching the Republican convention. But sitting through this is a struggle from beginning to end for me. Why does it look like this convention is filled with a bunch of simple yahoos? The cowboy hats aren’t helping.

***Aside: I just got completely distracted by a statement made by Joe Lieberman, a democrat (or former

What's up with this dude?

What is up with this dude? And what's wrong with his lower jaw?

democrat or whatever) who is speaking at the convention. He just addressed the people who may have never voted Republican before and who never would vote for a Republican in an “ordinary election.” He said that this is “no ordinary election.” Now I’m just curious about what he really meant by that statement. He said this is no ordinary election because these are not ordinary times. What makes this election any less ordinary than the last election. In my opinion the last two elections were not ordinary. We were a nation gripped by fear and freshly embroiled in a war in the last election. That’s not exactly ordinary. The only real difference may be that in this election there is a chance that the nation will elect the first black man into the highest office in the country. Other than that it appears to be politics as usual. I’m not saying Lieberman is racist or anything….but um….he crossed parties to support a man that he only votes in alignment 5% of the time. 95% of the time his policies agree with Obama. Am I the only one who smells a rat? ***End Aside

As much as I like to write about it, I really hate politics. I hate the way that American politics gets boiled down to the lowest common denominator pitting Democrats and Republicans against each other in these ridiculous ideological battles over about three or four issues in order to mask the real business of the government. So because of my own disdain with partisan politics I don’t knock Lieberman for crossing party lines, but his motives are a little questionable. At any rate I have gotten completely off topic and now I’m too tired to write about my original topic. On top of that my perspective is probably less balanced than it was before. I will have to pick this up tomorrow. Dangit I will be glad when November 2nd has come and gone.

On a side note watching 24 hour new channels gives me indigestion. I am trying to gain 7 pounds and I don’t need television programming impeding my progress.

One Response to “Trying to balance my perspective”

  1. Den Relojo Says:

    I hate politics. I think it’s a dirty game where cheating is the rule. This is especially true here in the Philippines.

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