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And the dirty tricks begin

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I was still on a high from last nights historic Democratic National Convention speech by Barack Obama when I heard the news about the sneaky underhanded trick pulled by the McCain camp. This Bamma * (please excuse the use of DC slang) done went and picked a woman to be his running mate**.

Proof positive that the Republicans will stop at nothing to win

McCain & Palin: Proof positive that the Republicans will stop at nothing to win

My jaw completely dropped. I knew the Republicans would have to do something amazing to take the shine off the DNC performance by the Obama camp, but I was completely caught off guard by this one. He went all the way to the freaking snow caps of Alaska to find the most ultra conservative woman he could, who happens to have only been a governor for 2 years. A woman who no one has even heard of. I mean how many people live in her state 1000? Now we all know that there can only be a few reason’s he would make a choice like this, especially after trying to tear Obama down for his lack of experience. The number one reason I can come up with is he wants to pull all of those haters and feminazis from the Clinton camp over to his side. You know, the one’s I wrote about in a previous post about Hillary Clinton supporters for John McCain. The women who are so caught up in their blind feminism and or disdain for black people that they will cut off their own pointy noses to spite their pallid faces. The people who will go into the voting booth in November and say to themselves, “Sure McCain and Palin are against everything that I’ve ever believed in. Sure this choice might send the entire country into the deepest depths of the toilet. Sure McCain is an idiot and I don’t even know who this Palin chick is. But the VP would be a woman gosh dangit and the president won’t be Black. Lord knows we don’t want that to happen. And hey McCain is old. He might die in office. We could get our woman president afterall!” These are the people the McCain camp are after.

All we can hope is that there are enough American’s with half a brain who can see through this blatant ploy. And lets hope that the one’s who believed all the propaganda from Bush and Cheney a SECOND time have managed to grow a brain in the past four years.

This election has been the wildest political ride ever in my lifetime and it looks like the ride hasn’t even gotten to the scary part where they flip you through upsidedown loops at top speed yet. I can’t imagine what the Republicans are going to pull next. We’ve already seen that they will stoop to any depth and will stop at nothing to get what they want. My dad predicted that they will just start out and out lying instead of just stopping at innuendo like they’ve been doing. We’ve got two more months to watch and see.

*Bamma is a local DC slang term usually used to describe a particularly lame or uncool person. It has no relation to the state of Alabama or the residents therein. (Note: many residents of Alabama can accurately be described as bammas but that is unrelated to their state of origin)

**Please don’t for one minute think I’m against putting women into the highest ranks of government. But I know an underhanded trick when I see one. If I thought for one minute he picked her because he admired the experience she would bring to the table or some other valid asset I’d have to respect his choice. But McCain gets the gas face for this one.


So much going on

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I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to write any posts, but there is so much going on right now. This week we have had a historical Democratic National Convention. Even my totally non political mom was sitting at home crying as she watched Michelle Obama give her speech. That’s huge! I’m excited but I don’t want to say too much until the deal is sealed. There is still a long way to go before we can declare a new president. I didn’t post a thing during the Olympics but that was pretty awesome too. I wish I had time to elaborate on everything but I have been trying to work on brevity. So I will close this post with something that is totally not awesome. The video posted below of KC and Jo Jo performing. Jo Jo actually passes out on stage and KC continues to sing. I can express my sentiments about the whole video in five words. JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS!

Fine Dining

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I have recently come to the conclusion that, for me at least, the fine dining experience is for the most part highly overrated. I have no problem with trying new places and experiencing new things, except when it comes to my stomach as I explained in detail in my picky eaters post. So the allure of something like DC’s Restaurant Week diminishes for me quickly when I realize that to get the full benefit of the special restaurant week menus I have to be willing to try things that don’t agree with my picky palate.

You'll pay dearly to be violated with this...enjoy!

You'll pay dearly to be violated with this...enjoy!!

For those not in DC, Restaurant Week is a yearly event in which all the hoity toity restaurants in the city offer their normally grossly overpriced fare at a discount that brings the price down to irksomely overpriced.  This gives the non-elite among us the opportunity to experience getting raped with a fork with a white linen napkin in our lap first hand. They usually offer this discount by bundling three courses together into one set price so that the irksome overpricing is masked by the perceived value of buying more courses of food than you would normally buy anyway. I got the pleasure of this experience this evening while dining at one of DC’s fine establishments (that will remain unnamed) with a couple of friends.

As I said, to really get any benefit out of restaurant week I have to be willing to eat something I wouldn’t normally eat. But with my picky tastes I knew that that would be a waste of money so I wound up using my restaurant week meal on salmon. Salmon happens to be my go to meal whenever I can’t find anything else I want to eat. So of course I order salmon often. Our meal consisted of three courses. For my first I had an appetizer of balsamic shrimp. I got 3 shrimp on a skewer sitting in a pool of something with a pile of spinach on the side. I ate the three shrimp and it made me feel really hungry. Then I got my salmon which tasted like any other salmon I could have had anywhere else, but it was edible and tasty so I was happy. The salmon was sitting on a bed of some mashed corn concoction that looked like yellow mashed potatoes. It tasted…weird…I can’t think of another word for it. My friends tasted it and that’s the only word they came up with too. Oh and I think there were some asparagus on the plate, but I’m not sure because restaurant vegetables are generally invisible to me. I consider them to be decoration to make the plate look cute. Then I got my desert which was creme brule. There were three desert choices and three of us there eating so we ordered one of each so we could taste each other’s deserts. One of my friends got chocolate pound cake that tasted more sugary than chocolatey, but it was pretty tasty. The other got key lime cheesecake. Picture what you think a slice of cheesecake looks like, then erase that image from your head. They brought her out a round mound of cheesecake that was only slightly bigger than a Reese’s peanut butter cup with a cookie on the side that I guess was supposed to be the crust. All of us looked at it like where is the rest??? But it tasted pretty good and she barely finished it so I guess they knew what they were doing. I personally liked my desert the best out of the three, as was evidenced by my clean plate, but the other two were pretty good too.

In my opinion the desert was the best part of the meal by far. Well the desert and the drink I had that helped to soothe the sting of the bill that came. Three people eating a “discounted meal” should not get a bill for $158.

The best part of my meal

The best part of my meal

Now the problem I have with fancy restaurants (other than the lack of pictures on the menu) is that they always try to hard to make their food seem special. They can’t just serve fish. They have to serve herb crusted halibut on a bed of zesty basil orzo and butter steamed asparagus. ( I’m making most of this up. I’m not a foodie so I don’t really know what you call most of that stuff) I really wanted to try the lobster, but they didn’t just have lobster, they had Chinese style steamed lobster over a bed of fried spinach. How do you fry spinach anyway??? I just wanted plain old lobster with some butter to dip it in. But that wasn’t happening. Thus I went to my go to meal. At any rate, despite the price and my complaints I came out sufficiently full and satisfied. But no more satisfied than I would have been if I would have gone to a casual dining restaurant and spent $25 (including a drink). I suppose the reason for this is I’m just not that into food. I like to eat…well I like to not be hungry. But since food has such a profound effect on how I feel the rest of the day I guess I like to eat food that is predictable. That way I know how I will feel after the meal digests. Predictable food isn’t what restaurant week is all about. One day maybe I will find that fancy restaurant for picky eaters, in the mean time I think I might concentrate on figuring out ways to eat food that I love for $5 or less.

Not a good weekend for black male icons

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He wasn't scared of you mother f****rs

He wasn't scared of you mother f****rs

This weekend we lost two entertainment icons. First I find out early Saturday that Bernie Mac had passed away. This came after I received an erroneous message that he had died several days before only to find out it was just a rumor. I thought it was just a rumor the second time I heard too until I saw it posted on some legitimate new sources websites. Then today I hear that we lost Issac Hayes as well. Dang! This was just a tough weekend to be a black man in Hollywood. Both stars will be sorely missed.

He was the man

He was the man