Stupid teenagers

I blame the internet, reality television, global warming and hormones in the chicken for some of the stupid things people do these days. I just watched a video of a 16 year old kid jumping on a pillow to make a baby fly. There is no excuse for a 16 year old with no signs of mental retardation thinking this is a good idea. And the person who video taped it and posted it on You Tube gets second prize in the toothpaste is smarter than me competition because they were the person who was left responsible for the baby. That is unless they wanted to be cleared of all future babysitting duties for the rest of their life….in that case I guess they were actually pretty clever. Have you seen the video?

Stupid Teenage Fashion

And while I’m on the subject of teenagers what is up with the new fashions that the young boys are wearing? At least they’re wearing them in the DC area. I would describe the look as hip hop meets preppy meets skater who doesn’t actually skate meets rock star meets flaming homosexual meets bozo the clown. The guys wearing this look usually incorporate some combination of too tight jeans with an oversized belt wrapped around their upper thighs holding them up because they’re usually sagging them off their butt to show off boxer shorts that match an extra smedium often extra loud colored polo shirt, t shirt or hoodie, extra bright skittles colored sneakers and some stupid looking bright colored oversized shades. This look is very confusing to me.

I think Lil Wayne is at least partly responsible for this madness.

I think Lil Wayne is at least partly responsible for this madness.

I can’t tell whether some of the kids are gay or just expressing themselves. I know being a kid is about expressing your individuality and I recognize that my generation can take credit for some pretty stupid fashion trends. (Let’s not forget Cross Colors, backwards jeans, and unhooked overalls?) So maybe I need to just go sit my old self down somewhere and just be thankful that I am past the age of adopting the stupidest of trends. But goodness did we ever look this stupid back in the day? Yeah we probably did.

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