Guns and patriots Part I

I wonder what our forefathers really had in mind when they drafted the constitution and included the clause stating that we have the right to bare arms. Somehow I don’t think the idea was for people to take the law into their own hands and administer outlaw justice at will. I am an avid opponent to gun ownership rights because I think human life should be valued, and any tool that allows people to make a split second decision about ending the life of another human being is a tool of the Devil. (my feelings on the existence of “the Devil” in a literal sense are irrelevant to this post.) I am really vexed today by that 911 call from the guy in Texas who decided to take the law into his own hands. Apparently a couple of illegal immigrants were robbing his neighbors house and the guy was a witness. Based on the 911 tape his life was not being threatened he just didn’t want the guys to get away. The 911 operator tried to talk him out of shooting the guys stating that no property is worth a human life. But the guy proceeded to shoot both of the robbers in the back as they were trying to escape while the 911 operator listened on the phone. The guy committed two counts of murder of unarmed men and he is walking around a free man today. He is even hailed as a hero by many. Since when did robbery become an offense that warranted the death penalty in America? Protecting yourself if you feel legitimately threatened is one thing. But shooting to kill when your life is not in danger is murder. It’s examples like this that solidify my belief that guns should not be easier to get than drivers licenses. Heck it’s already easier to get a gun than it is to get an error off your credit report. How much sense does that make??? Of course tougher gun laws probably wouldn’t have spared these men’s lives.  Call me un-American, but I just don’t think every law abiding citizen needs to be packing heat.

Some might argue that if every American can have a gun it will discourage criminals from committing crimes. But often criminals have minimal value for human life in the first place, including their own. Such criminals would probably not be deterred by the possibility that a potential victim might also have a weapon. But this is just my non-gun owning opinion.

This is all neither here nor there. In most places people do have the right to purchase a gun. And if the NRAKid with a gun has its way any tardface will be able to walk into a Wal-mart or gun show and buy a piece without having to do so much as flash their ID. If the idea is that all law abiding citizens should be able to buy a gun why is there a problem with requiring people to have background checks before making a purchase? I just don’t understand what the problem with this is. No law abiding citizen should have a problem with this requirement.

Call me a hopeless peacemonger, but I guess I have an unreasonable amount of faith in people’s ability to learn to live together without being so afraid of each other.

Every time I hear that 911 tape played again on CNN I get sick to my stomach. Absolutely no value for human life was shown in that situation.

Oh yeah I was going to talk about patriotism today since that’s the other hot topic of late…but I’m sleepy now. So I’ll just make this statement. Patriotism has nothing to do with flag pins, or singing the national anthem. True patriotic Americans feel free to speak out against their country because it’s our right. Anyone who tries to deny someone that right is not a patriot and probably doesn’t deserve to live in America.

2 Responses to “Guns and patriots Part I”

  1. LOL!! Yo! What in the world is on that cat’s hands in the top pic??

  2. S.Y.S.T.E.M. Says:

    Looks to me like that cat in the first pick has the right to “bear arms”
    Because he has the arms of a bear. Get it? Bear Arms?

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