Sometimes I get bored

Occasionally I get a little bored. This sensation often prompts me to do one of several things that may include:

1) attempting to create my own dance sensation to replace the “Soldja Boy”

2) loudly living out my dream of being a backup singer for a major recording artist from the comfort of my home (possibly to the dismay of my neighbors)

3) writing letters to various public figures, publications, government agencies, major corporations, or other random jerks in general that I have some type of grievance against just to see if I can get a response, preferably an angry one, from said entity.

One instance of boredom relief option #3 occurred on Friday when I stumbled upon an article that featured a letter to Larry Elder and his response. For those who don’t know, Larry Elder is a “libertarian minded” Republican radio talk show host. I can’t honestly say that I have followed his work well enough to fully appreciate his political lines of reasoning. So the opinions expressed in the letter that I wrote to him were based primarily on the article that I had stumbled upon. The letter that I wrote to him is below.

Dear Mr. Elder,

I am sure that you get hate mail from Black people on a regular basis so I will try to refrain from framing my letter that way, but I just read a letter that you wrote in response to a letter from “A former supporter” ( and I was appalled. Are you serious? You noted that historically the Republican Party was more pro-Black than the Democratic Party. Yes, perhaps the Republican Party was more pro-Black than the Democratic Party up until about the civil rights movement. But they have blatantly turned their back on minorities in all the years since then. I personally don’t think either party is pro-Black since the policies of both parties and the issues affecting people of all races are more economic than racial in today’s political world anyway. I for one don’t subscribe to any political party because I think that whole partisan structure dumbs down politics and eliminates real choice. I noted that you are a Libertarian not a Republican but you would throw your support behind McCain over Obama in this election. Can you please explain to me why you think that’s a good idea? What is it about McCain’s policies that you think are good for this country? First of all how can you view vouchers as a real solution to the problems with underprivileged schools? That is just a putting a band aid on a huge gaping wound. School vouchers serve no purpose other than to divert funding that should be used to improve the schools that are actually in the underprivileged neighborhoods. Shipping some of the kids over to more affluent schools to get them out of their neighborhood schools helps a few of the kids. (And I’m sure that the parents are happy to have this option.) But what about the rest who are left behind in underperforming schools? You can’t voucher all of the kids away to better schools. That will just overburden the better schools and leave the less privileged schools to deteriorate into ruin. And for the record it’s not politics that discourages marriage and destabilizes families. It’s a culture in which Black men are disenfranchised from the power structure and are disproportionately undereducated, underemployed, and incarcerated that put the odds of Black women finding a suitable mate and marrying only slightly better than the odds of winning the lottery. Do you honestly think that women who are victims of this so called “welfare state” that you speak of choose not to get married because of politics?? And why in the world should politicians be allowed to dabble around with peoples personal family choices anyway? And while I don’t think abortion should be used as a form of birth control I am avidly pro-choice. Why should a stranger get to decide what a woman does with her body? These are just a few of the issues I have with your ideals but you like every other American have the right to your own opinions and the freedom to speak on them. And I have the right to disagree.


Kendra L. Hill

He gave me the following response:

Dear Kendra,

I suspect that article is the first and only thing you’ve read that I have written.

Virtually all of your questions have been addressed in my writings. I am a New York Times best-selling author, and regularly appear on CNN, MSNBC, and FOX. Too bad you are unaware of my work.

But on my you’ll find some 500 articles I’ve written, three published books, plus a documentary. For fifteen years, I’ve hosted a daily four hour radio show, based in Los Angeles, from 3p to 7p west coast time. You can hear it real time or through pod casts via

If you really want or care to know what I think, you can readily find out.


Essentially he just blew me off and told me to listen to his show and read his 500 articles. So based solely on that I’m thinking he might be a bit of a jerk. But at the same time I’m sure he’s a very busy man. But in my personal game of see who I can rattle, this still counts as a a score for me though since I actually got a response that did not appear to be automatically generated. (Whether he wrote it himself is unclear but who cares).

Next time I get bored there might be a more practical result like a video of me teaching the steps to the “Crank Dat Bama Girl” on YouTube. Stay tuned!

2 Responses to “Sometimes I get bored”

  1. Salutations & Salaam Sista!
    ( I have a thing for alliteration)
    I’m lovin’ your blog! I’m also a fan of Hip-Hop BUT like you…not a die-hard hip-hop head. I’m more Neo-boho than B-girl.
    I’m from the South as well and grew up right along side HER in the early years; witnessing her growing pains,her triumphs and failures and of course the sad but seemingly inevitable rape of HER by those who only wanted to gain a reputation or money.
    ANYWAY, what made me respond to your blog( I found yours on the”Stuff Black Peopel Like” blog) was your response to Larry Elder…seven words on him: He Is And Has BEEN A Prick.
    ‘Nuff said.
    I ‘ll check back later ..
    Peace & Blessings

  2. Fallible Sage Says:

    Yeah, you were blown off. But I’m geeked up about your letter nonetheless. I think I might be crushing a bit based solely on your words in this letter… shoot, this blog. Iā€™m too grown for that. šŸ˜‰ I can’t stop reading this thing though. Wow!
    I’ve always envied letter writers, I just can never bring myself to take the time to do it. I rarely can bring myself to write my blogs, and that’s fun for me… but you are still my hero. šŸ™‚

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