Something to talk about

I don’t really have anything in particular to talk about. The title of this post just happens to be the name of the song I sang last night in my Karaoke debut. I sang “Something to Talk About” by Bonnie Rait before a crowd of about… oh I don’t know… 100 maybe. Singing Karaoke was definitely an experience considering the fact that most of my life I have been painfully shy. I am still pretty shy…just not painfully so anymore. I learned several things from my karaoke singing experience

1) singing karaoke wasn’t nearly as scary as I expected it to be *

2) I will probably not be a famous recording artist in this lifetime **

3) having a chubby girl on the side of the stage yelling “and you better sang it!” is a little bit intimidating

4) It takes a bold white man to rap all of the lyrics (including numerous repetitions of the N word) of a Dr. Dre song in a room full of black people but as my good friend who goes by Mimi noted it makes little sense to get mad at him if you weren’t mad at Dr. Dre when he wrote the song

5) I probably won’t find my future husband hanging out in a karaoke bar but I can get loads of laughs

I also learned that there are some people who really miss the point of karaoke. Karaoke is supposed to be fun. Not an opportunity to show off your talents to the non-existent talent scouts trolling the karaoke circuit trying to find the next superstar.

Oh yeah and I learned that there are still men walking around who think that the shirt unbuttoned to your sternum showing off nappy chest hair look is sexy.

So yeah I made it through karaoke so hopefully the presentation I have to do at a public meeting for my job next week will be a piece of cake. If I start to screw up the presentation I now know that I can switch it up and start singing Bonnie Rait to divert the crowds attention away from any errors.

* either that or I learned the exact amount of mojito and vodka and cranberry juice it takes to remove all inhibitions that would keep me from doing that in my normal life (1 strong mojito + 1 strong vodka and cranberry = K LySha superstar)

**but with much vocal coaching and possibly a bit of bribery I could fulfill my dream of being a backup singer for a famous artist

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