Please tell me people are not this stupid

Okay I have this theory that I pray is completely unfounded, but every day I get more and more evidence to support my theory. My theory is that people as a collective are overwhelmingly stupid. I just happened upon this website through a link on a friend’s blog called  Ex-Hillary Clinton Supporters For John McCain. Just reading the comments section of this website let’s me know that there are far too many stupid people in this country. I attempted to post the following comment on the site but I’m pretty sure that my comment will be filtered away by the site administrator because he wants to maintain the site as a haven for people with IQs that rival that of crazy glue. They even have the nerve to have a button on the site where people can donate to their “cause”. And there were actually commenters who wanted to donate! Further evidence that the target audience for the site is the people I described above.

My comment: 

Anyone who would donate a hairy lintball to this website is stupider than the hairy lintball and deserves to have their identity stolen and all of their money siphoned out of their accounts and sent to Iraq to buy big screen TVs for the terrorists. This website is further evidence to support my theory that as a collective people are overwhelmingly stupid. Has anyone on here thoMay have a higher IQ than some ex-Hillary supportersught about the fact that voting for that dumber than chewing gum candidate John McCain is cutting off your own nose to spite your face??? That video is just the kind of propaganda that I would expect out of the clowns over at Fox News, designed for people who think with the mucus in their nose instead of their brain. The creator of this site is obviously a Republican preying on the less intelligent among the Democrats. I can’t even express my disgust with this in a post. I will have to make this website the next topic on my blog so I can let people know what kind of ignorance Obama supporters are up against. Please feel free to visit my blog tomorrow because the post will be up by then

 Like I said I’m pretty confident that my comment got filtered out and was probably in vain anyway, but I had to get that off my chest. Maybe the site’s creator actually read it. If it gets posted at all it will probably have a response from him in red posted along with it. At any rate there is little point in trying to reach out to the hopeless. So to counter this maybe I will start a voter registration campaign in the hood or something to get some of the people there who have managed to not acquire a criminal record involved in the political process.

Anyway this is three posts in a row about the election already and I’m not even that political of a person. I will seriously have to take a break from this topic and talk about my favorite breakfast cereals or something in my next post.

On a side note it’s hotter than 5 fat people in a Ford Focus with no air condition driving through the desert here today. This global warming thing is serious. People please do your part to save the planet. I know the whole green movement hasn’t quite caught on in the black community but it’s about time we started doing our part. If you happen to be one of those 5 fat people driving through the desert please park the Focus and get out and walk. It will save on CO2 emissions and it might help you and your other 4 overweight passengers shave off some of those extra pounds. Anyway I’m about to go lay still under a fan now to fight off the temptation to turn on my air conditioner.

4 Responses to “Please tell me people are not this stupid”

  1. LMAO! OMG! You are hilarious when you’re writing or audible! Did you check ever check back to see if your comment was posted on that website? I would love to see it, and as well as, people’s comment to your comment.

  2. No those bastards never did post my comment! I was waiting on it to. I wanted to see if the other readers would attack me for saying it. But no such luck!

  3. Wow, first you insult crazy glue… and then you shit on lint-balls. What next? I would say both of those items collectively and individually are far superior in intellect than say 98% of the morons that propagate this dying planet. But don’t get me wrong, I’m in TOTAL agreement with your observations. Unfortunately America isn’t a country of intellect. It’s fast-food nation, the land of instant gratification. So if there are women who are so bitter that they’d rather support a candidate who would tell you what you can and can’t do with your own body (Pro-Life anyone?), then they should go ahead and vote for McBush, I mean McCain. Perfect logic if you ask me. Indeed, very very stupid people.

  4. […] and feminazis from the Clinton camp over to his side. You know, the one’s I wrote about in a previous post about Hillary Clinton supporters for John McCain. The women who are so caught up in their blind feminism and or disdain for black people that they […]

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