It’s Obama Baby!

Do you smell that? I do too. Don’t it smell good? That’s the smell of Black pride and I think I got some of it on me. It was all over the place last night when they announced that Obama had gotten the nomination. I did a little victory dance while I responded to the many celebratory text messages I got last night.

It’s cool to celebrate because this was a hard and long fought primary. But we have to remember that while the first battle may be over, the war is far from won. We ain’t seen nothing yet. Now the gloves will be officially coming off because the Republicans fight extra dirty. They will use anything and anybody to bring an opponent down. I just hope that through it all Obama continues to keep it clean and brings the one thing to the table that has been missing from politics for a long time. Integrity.

Obama is quickly emerging as America’s black superhero. He is one piece of the Black American dream personified. This role comes with a HUGE responsibility that I pray that Obama is up to handle. As the first Black man to be a major party candidate going in to the race in November he has a very good chance at becoming the first Black man to be President of the United States. Which means that his every move will be watched even harder than the moves of all of the presidents who came before him. So he can’t afford to screw up even once. There can be no Obama intern scandals, or Obama prostitute scandals, or Obama Watergate conspiracy or any of the other crap so many of our former presidents have gotten caught up in. There is just too much at stake. But Barack Obama is still just a man and every man has flaws and weaknesses. So we’ve got to help him out. Every Black person in America needs to say a collective prayer of strength for the Obama family that they have the will to withstand the trials that will face them.

Now I need all my Black people to make this promise with me. Say it together. “I will not holler racism at every caricature and political comic strip that comes out from now til Obama’s last term is over” (Yeah I said last term. I’m naming and claiming this election and the next one!) You know how we do Black people! I can’t even front. Today when I was walking to the metro I saw a poster that had a picture of the white house then this wall of grafitti in front of it. I momentarily got all huffed up about it thinking to myself “Dang Obama just got the nomination last night and they already got the racist BS posted on the wall!” until I actually read it and realized it was an advertisement for some play about the Berlin wall meeting the white house. That’s when it occurred to me that I needed to let my sensitivity guards down a couple of notches. Every president to date has been caricatured and if Obama gets the job he will be no different. Although I imagine this might put some white cartoonists in that uncomfortable position of trying to tell jokes about a Black person without sounding racist. I look forward to seeing how this is handled.

Okay now back to the celebration. Go dap a black person in honor of the dap that Michelle Obama gave Barack last night before he gave his speech. I’ll be over here busy doing the preliminary planning for my inaguration party on January 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “It’s Obama Baby!”

  1. Friend,
    Well said! And you need to tell all those hoochies just waiting to be the black Monica Lewinsky to please put that one on hold. Take one for the team and keep your butt out of that man’s face. The last thing this black man needs is a sister bringing him down. Now it is up to him to keep the white girls off him because we all know they live by a different standard.

  2. I see that your sixth sense has guided you to say some inspiring words…motivating even!

  3. Jermond Lindsay Says:

    The dream that my mom heard about at the age of 14 has finally taken a step forward. All this time we’ve been lulled to sleep thinking that equality had come when it had not. There was always a “We’re equal but this will never happen or that will never happen”. Well, now the first quarter of the stars have lined up. The United States has begun to heal itself. We as a people are taking more steps to heal ourselves. The United States relations with other countries will begin to heal. I truly feel that the world as a whole can begin to heal. For the first time since my eyes were opened to the B.S. that this country is (about 4 years now), I can finally say that I’m proud to be an American…..not just an African American but an American. We who are of African descent, still have the blood of the original people who civilized this world. NOW…….Now……, this blood has to redo what was undone and re-civilize the world.

    I know all of that may sound crazy but all I’m saying is Barack Obama being elected to serve as our 44th president is just the foot in the door. And please, I am by no means belittling this accomplishment. All I’m saying is that this is just the beginning….it took a LOT of work to get our foot in the door. Now I ask, what are we going to do from here?

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